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How To Make Event Flyer Template with Google Docs


An event that you create will need media for promotion. It has intended that the fact that you create can have widely spread and attract many people’s attention to come and join. Most companies or organizations still often use the event flyer as a promotional medium. To use it, you need to create an exciting event flyer template and match your event. Many online sites provide professional design services, both free and paid. Besides, you can also create, edit, and optimize flyer templates using Microsoft Office applications or Google Docs.

Designing Even Flyer Template with Google Docs

Google Docs is a flexible platform for word processing. This platform provides a diagrammed template and can have edited or explicitly formatted.

  1. Template Gallery

Google docs have a perfect event flyer template. Besides, this template will also help you in terms of design, time, and cost. The first step to creating a model is that you must log in to your Google Drive account and then access the document. Select the “Template Gallery” option at the bottom of the screen and choose a template for the leaflet. Before editing, first, save the file with the title according to your wishes.

  1. Other Templates

Some people use Microsoft Word to create template flyers, but you can also convert them into Google Docs document format. Converting from Word to Google Docs is not a complicated process. Once saved, find the template on your Google drive. You can also find models in the preview format, if possible. Select the “Google Documents” menu to open as a word document.

  1. Custom Flyer

To create an event flyer template with Google Docs, you will need a graphical vision as a guide. Examples of this template flyer you can see on several online sites for your additional inspiration. You can use several font types and sizes for the title of your event flyer. In the main shortcut menu, you can edit the font color or highlight text. The “paste” menu from the menu options has used to add photos or logos and graphics from Google Drive, hard drives, or cameras directly. The format menu can have used to manipulate text, spaces, columns, points, or another special formatting. The “delete formatting” menu has used to remove a select format.

Things to remember and pay attention to if you choose Google Docs as software to create event flyer templates are the limitations of this google drive. This platform is not as flexible as other online site designs because of limited word processing. So you have to consider what design template you want to create and adapt it to supporting software.

Event Flyer Design Ideas

Event Flyer Ideas

Event Flyer Example

Well, that’s a short description of the event flyer template via Google Docs. It may be useful!.





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