10+ Book Cover Template in Photoshop Free Download

How to make a book cover with a book cover template

When you want to make a book, of course, the cover of the book should not be forgotten. Moreover, the value of the book cover itself has significant value for other people to see and read the book later. The more interesting the cover of the book that looks, of course, will be increasingly in demand to be read by others.

If you are interested in making an interesting book cover like that then you can use the book cover template to help you create an attractive cover book design later.

Make use of the book cover template in Canva

One platform that is quite popular and you can use to help you make book covers is Canva. With Canva, you can create a variety of designs that you need, one of which is like the cover of this book.

In Canva, you will also be able to find various examples of book cover templates that you can use as references or you can directly use them to cover your books later. Here, there are two types of categories, namely the free version template and the paid version template.

The paid version will certainly be a limited edition template because it will not be accessible to some people. After all, anyone who wants to use this template must subscribe to the Canva service.

But if you feel reluctant to pay and want to take advantage of free services to still be able to make an attractive book cover design, a few tips below you can follow later.

  • Open Canva

First, you can open Canva. You can access the website through a web browser on your PC or laptop. After that, select the category section of the book cover.

  • Select a template

Then you can choose various templates available in it. If you have previously subscribed, then take advantage of this to choose a limited template that you can use for your basic design in making your version of the book cover.

  • Upload a photo or use the provided image

After completing the design you want, then you can add photos. You can add photos by uploading the photos you have selected or selected photos that are available in this Canva too.

  • Set photos and add filters to be more interesting

Adjust the photo to your design, then add certain filters to make the design more attractive later. After that, you can also save and share it.


This way, you won’t look like you are copying the entire book cover template. With a little extraversion of you, then the cover design of the book becomes entirely your design.

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