A Professional Guidance to Nurse Practitioner Resignation Letter

Hundreds of nurses are resigning from the workplace every day. While it is actually a common thing,there is a proper ethic to do that instead of just leaving the work behind. One way of doing that is by sending a resignation letter to the employer, colleagues and sometimes it can be for the patients, if they have close relationship. The nurse practitioner resignation letter is usually written in formal way in order to show the professional side and the good intention of the nurse to inform about the resignation. Here, you will read information about how to write the nurse practitioner resignation letter in a proper way without failing the readers about the intention of the letter.

Nurse Resignation without Notice

There are many reasons why a nurse decides to resign from the workplace such as getting offer from another job, unhealthy work atmosphere, or uncooperative patients. Yet, it does not mean that nurse can leave the job without any notice. The damage caused by improper job leavingwill ruin the reputation of the nurse itself. It is unprofessional and it leaves the impression that an individual does not care about the job, colleagues, patients and workplace. When an individual is applying for a new job, there is a chance the employer will learn about how s/he leaves the previous job. It won’t even end well if the employer knows that an individual just leaves the job without any proper notice. It ruins the reputation and close the chance of getting a job in the future. It is not advisable for a nurse to quite without sending a nurse practitioner resignation letter.

Sample of Nurse Practitioner Resignation Letter

After reading know important it is for a nurse to do a proper farewell before leaving the job, here is the sample of resignation letter that can be as a reference if one of our readers are confused in doing so. The nurse practitioner resignation letter below indicates the intention and gratitude of the working opportunity. It is written briefly, formal, sincere but it does not exaggerate.

Dear Mr. Ahmed,

I am writing this letter to inform you of my resignation as a nurse in XYZ Hospital. My last effective day will be on 5 March, 2018 so this letter will be my two weeks notice. I have always enjoyed working here but I have to take decision to follow my husband moving to another country. It is an honor to join XYZ Hospital for the past 10 years in my career.

I have been working here since I was graduated from medical school until today and I am proud to meet amazing physicians, fellow nurses, and inspiring patients during my career here. I will miss the healthy and supportive environment in XYZ Hospital and I would take all the valuable lessons I have as a nurse for better cause in the future.

I apologize if my resignation caused inconvenience but I will gladly assist as much as I can for the transition in the hospital. If there are any further questions regarding my resignation, please contact me at 123-456-789. Thank you for the opportunity to work here and your consideration.




Gaby Gabriela

The sample letter above shows the concise nurse practitioner resignation letter which shows the good will of Gaby to end the career from XYZ Hospital. Hope it helps you in some ways. Good luck for your future endeavors.


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