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Free Customizable Camp Counselor Resume Sample Template

Are you interested in a camp counselor position? If you are, the best way to get this job position is by writing a resume. Whether you have experienced in writing resumes or not, the following camp counselor resume sample will be useful and helpful for you.

Sample of Camp Counselor Resume

A camp counselor resume example can be seen below:

Jonathan Donny

111 Fake Street, Texas, TX 55292



Summary Statement

Energetic & engaging leader of summer camps for kids. Experienced in brain-based learning to encourage campers to willingly participate in activities which build self-esteem & confidence. Outdoor enthusiast with 8 years of experience in camping & nature-based sporting activities like fishing, hiking, archery, and canoeing.


  • Professional approach & service-oriented work ethic
  • Strong oral communication
  • Able to explain instructions & rules clearly
  • Committed to building team spirit among campers & staff
  • Positive attitude & high-energy group leader
  • Able to assist campers deal with & overcome homesickness as well as interpersonal problems
  • First response emergency training, wilderness first aid, Red Cross CPR training.
  • Excellent at building rapport with kids to facilitate camping activities

Work History

Camp Facilitator, JJ Group, 2017 – present

  • Teach classes in archery & wilderness safety
  • Encourage individual personal development & self-esteem building through positive reinforcement as well as supportive environment, voted “Favorite Camp Counselor” by campers in 2016 summer session
  • Create & implement team-building activities for group trust and morale
  • Conduct orientation with campers & assist them settle into camp
  • Lead & facilitate activities with groups of 20 campers during summer season

Junior Counselor, ABC Inc., 2013 – 2017

  • Choreographed routines & rehearsed campers for end-of-summer variety show performance
  • Assisted campers create monthly newsletters for parents
  • Recruited campers for every season through outreach in local churches, increased campers by an avg. of 5 in each one-week session in 1st year on job
  • Led arts & crafts workshops in creating scrapbooks, mixed media, sketching, and watercolor art
  • Organized group sports activities such as basketball, water polo, volleyball, and soccer
  • Helped camp facilitator with groups of 25 campers in one-week sessions throughout summer


Red Cross CPR/AED recertification – March 2017

Diploma – June 2013

Baseline High School

How to Write a Camp Counselor Resume

There are a few steps for writing an impressive camp counselor resume:

  1. Start with your contact information!
  2. Master your summary statement!
  3. Perfect your skills section!
  4. Polish your work history section!
  5. Refine your education section!

People also ask

What Skills Should a Camp Counselor Have?

A camp counselor should have a few important skills. If you are interested in this position, make sure that you have the following qualities: selflessness, initiative, creativity, positive energy, compassion, patience, and great skills in communication.

What Are the Duties of a Camp Counselor?

A camp counselor plans, leads, & implements camp programs for kids. He/she also provides high-quality educational as well as recreational opportunities & enjoyable experience for participants. A camp counselor supervises campers & ensures their safety, development, skills achievements, & growth, too.

How Can I Be a Good Camp Counselor?

First, make sure each camper in your group gets your attention well! Besides, bring the group together through team-building, conversation, and icebreakers. Then, don’t discount others’ cancers & feelings! In addition, always have an alternative to the special snack. If a camper is disconnected, connect them!

Is Being a Camp Counselor Fun?

It is a great job to be a camp counselor, especially for you with good memories of being campers. A camp counselor gets to return to a place he/she loves & shares his/her enthusiasm with kids. Although being a camp counselor is fun, this is a great job. So, there are responsibilities and expectations.

Camp Counselor Resume with No Work Experience

If you have never become a camp counselor but you want this position, you don’t need to worry. This resume will help you a lot. This camp counselor resume template will ease you for writing a convincing resume even though you have never worked as a counselor.

Camp Counselor Resume Template Word

This resume template is editable. It means you will be able to customize this resume easily based on your qualifications. Make sure that you follow its format include all the sections on the resume. You are allowed to add other sections if needed, such as awards, achievements, etc.

Camp Counselor Resume for College

This resume is appropriate for anyone who is interested in a camp counselor position. Whether you are an experienced camp counselor, a fresh graduate, or even a college student with a relevant major of study, you can use this resume.

Resume for Camp Counselor First Job

If you want to start your career as a camp counselor, you have to impress your potential employer through a resume. This resume is recommended for you who are looking for your first job as a camp counselor. With this sample, you will be able to write an impressive camp counselor resume.

Camp Counselor Resume Sample

Writing a resume for a camp counselor is not easy. That is why you will need a sample. You don’t need to look for samples because you can find it here. This resume sample is flexible. By customizing it, this resume can meet your needs.

Camp Counselor Resume Example

If you need an example for writing a camp counselor resume, this is what you are looking for. This example is simple but great. This example can also be used to write a resume for any other job position you want.

Free Camp Counselor Resume Template

This resume template is completely free to use. So, anyone is allowed to use this resume anytime. With this free editable template, you will be able to write a resume for a camp counselor effortlessly.

After paying attention to the camp counselor resume sample and tips above, it is your time to practice writing your own resume. You have to write your resume as impressive as possible to get selected for a job interview at your desired company.


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