10+ CD Cover Free PSD Template


CD Cover Template to Grab Your Music Listeners Visually

CD is still a good way to send out your music, your listeners will be happy even if it is sent with no cover or case. But what if you are trying to get new listeners to listen to what you have? You will need something to grab their attention visually first, then to listen to what is inside. A CD cover template will help you to reach that goal.

Tips for creating a cover CD

Before you start to look for a cd cover template you need to pay attention to some tips below.

1. Unique image

Unique images not only mean that the image in your CD cover should be eye-catching but try to avoid using the same images when you are planning to release multiple CDs.

2. Authorized image

Be careful not to use copyrighted images unless you hope for a problem in the future. Use an authorized image and don’t forget to check if it is cleared to be used even commercially.

3. Match the art

You must have your taste and style in the music you make. Make sure all arts, colors, fonts, and design match the image of your music.

4. Contrast

Avoid piling up images or tests if you have a full background. It will be difficult to see them. And remember to use font colors that are easy to see.

5. Font choice

Using artistic fonts can be tempting but are they easy to read? Make sure the font you choose is easy to see and read, both colorwise and type-wise.

6. Keep it minimal

You know what they say, less is more. Same goes here, minimalism is a trend now, plus it will look more stylish and classy.

Create your customized CD cover

The purpose of finding the cd cover template and customizing it is to introduce and even market your music to people. Once it is done, you can put them in your social media as a marketing strategy. Post it on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud account and get recognition soon.  

You can even make it as the background for your music on a video sharing platform like Youtube. The cd cover template is thousands out there to choose and the websites usually offer options to edit it the way you like. Letting you have freedom in customizing it to suit your music image. You will also have the option to save and share your design. Now you are ready to throw your music to people.

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