Is It Important To Write A Tenant Lease Termination Letter?

When the lease period has ended, you need to decide on ending the lease or continuing the lease to the next month. If you decide to terminate the lease in a good manner, you should make a written notification regarding this matter to the landlord by using a tenant lease termination letter. However, in writing the letter, you should not be careless because there are several important elements you need to notice.


Why Should I Write A Lease Termination Letter?

By using a termination letter, you can inform the landlord formally that you will be moving on a certain date. You should send the letter 30 days before the lease ends, or maybe you want to move before the lease ends. This letter is very important because it can protect you from fines or fees for breaking the contract. Therefore, you are recommended to write a lease termination letter 30 days before your lease ends.

How To Write A Lease Termination Letter?

Your letter should be written neatly in a general format, including the date of the letter, when the lease ends, your reason for terminating the lease, and your new address. Here are some reasons that tenants may leave the lease:

Property Standard Violation

As a tenant, you have the right to be able to access clean water at any time, trash cans, get a suitable area to be used, and so on. If your apartment is not in a fit and livable condition from the beginning of your lease term, it’s better if you leave it.

Violation of Privacy Right

Landlords cannot arbitrarily enter your apartment, if there is something important to do, there are also certain procedures such as notifying at least 24 hours before the owner enters the room. In addition, there are several logical reasons where the owner can enter your room, including checking the unit, making repairs, or showing the unit to prospective new tenants. If the owner violates that provision, your privacy right will be compromised.

Illegal Building

If the building you live in is an illegal apartment, you can terminate the lease without penalty. However, this depends on the regulations in each state.

Apart from the things above, many other things will make tenants terminate the lease. Of course, the reasons you write must be reasonable and in accordance with facts.

Tenant Lease Termination Letter Sample

Here is one of the simple format for lease termination letter that you can use as a sample:

Dear Mr. Zachary,

I am writing to inform you that I will terminate my lease agreement starting from January 21, 2021. Prior to that, I really appreciate your willingness to rent an apartment for students. As previously agreed, my rental period will end on February 13, 2021, I will pay my rent even though I will leave it early.

I really enjoyed the four years I have spent in your rental house. I have met new friends and family in the house. You are very obedient in maintaining a property, even when there is a complaint about damaged property, you would immediately repair it. I feel very fortunate to live in your rental house for years. I’m sure the next tenants will be happy to live in your rental house.

My study period has ended, so I will graduate from university on January 19, 2021. It’s lucky to get a job right away before I graduated, so I decided to move immediately.

Thank you for providing comfortable and well-equipped rental places for students like me. I have been hired to work in an advertising company and will be living in an apartment in Ottawa, Canada. If you have any questions, please call me at (444)-4444-444.



Megan Victoria

That’s all our short explanation about the tenant lease termination letter. By noticing the description and sample above, hope you can get a new perception.




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