The Best Format To Write An Employment Reference Letter

These days, many employers will notice a letter of reference or recommendation as one of the most important additions to applicants. Usually, a reference letter written by someone who has no family relationship to the applicant will get more value, for example, if it is written by a former employer. In an employment reference letter, several points that need to be included are achievements, qualities, strengths, skills, and so on.


What Is The Best Format For A Reference Letter?

Before writing a reference letter, it’s good to pay attention to some important points such as the job description, your relationship with the applicant, the applicant’s best qualities, and specific examples.

Job Description

Ask the applicant about the field of work to be applied. Make sure you know a lot about the field of work, adjust the letter you write by mentioning the appropriate skills and experienceS. To make it easier, you can request a copy of the job description from the applicant.

Relationship with Applicants

Explain briefly about your relationship with the applicant, for example as an employer and an employee. You can find out many things about the applicant to make your letter even more positive. Besides, reading the resumes of your former employees will also help to refresh your memory.

Applicant Quality and Performance

Mention any positive things that make the recruiter feel that the applicant has good quality. You can include specific examples of the applicant’s performance and how the applicant resolved his/her problems while working with you.

What Should Be Noticed Before Writing A Reference Letter?

Before writing an employment reference letter, you need to know many things about the applicant. A reference letter should be written in a positive and convincing tone that will attract the recruiter. If you feel that you don’t know much about the applicant’s performance or abilities, it’s better to politely decline the request.

Employment Reference Letter Example

If you are sure to write a letter of reference but are confused about how to get started, you can look at the examples below for inspiration to write your letter.

Dear Mr. Timothy,

I recommend Jennifer Kathleen as a math teacher at Excellent Middle School. She has started her career to join us in Brilliant Middle School for 7 years. At that time, She was a young graduate with honors who was talented and accomplished. Even though she was very young at that time, the way she followed our teaching methods was extraordinary, even as a math teacher she was able to find some creative learning methods that make our students love mathematics. She is one of our beloved teachers who is also loved by our students.

It was hard for us let Kathleen quit from our institution, but an emergency thing forced her to move out of town to accompany her grandmother, who lives alone. Two weeks ago Kathleen’s grandfather died, which made her parents asked her to live with her grandmother, they are living in the same city with your school. This shows that Kathleen is also a friendly, caring, and responsible woman.

I am sure she will make a big contribution to your school, as well as several contributions and achievements she gave to our school. I highly recommend Kathleen to join as one of the math teachers at your school. Please contact me if you have any questions about Kathleen at (666)-6666-666 or by email at



Emma Judith


Brilliant Middle School

It is clear that in an employment reference letter, you should include several important aspects to convince the recruiter. By reading our brief explanation above, hope you can get a fresh idea.


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