A Guide to Write Nursing Application Letter

Applying for a nursing job can get very competitive at times. As the pandemic spreads all the around the world, the health sector needs more nurses and doctors in almost all hospitals. Therefore, the number of nursing application is skyrocketed during the past months. If you want to be a nurse and considering of sending a nursing application letter, you might need to look at the sample below and read several information about it before sending one.

Important Skills of Nurses

Before sending the nursing application letter, you might need to check if you have the following skills that nurses must have. First is caring. Being a nurse means taking care of patients with so many different personalities. If a nurse is not caring, it will be hard to do the job professionally once they meet a difficult patient. Second is critical thinking. Nurses are often faced in a difficult situation where they must take decision quickly to save the patient’s life. The quick decision needs to be taken seriously and it is not an easy job as they must identify the problem and think of the possible way to help the patients within a short amount of time. The last skill is time management. Hospitals can get very busy at times and nurses must be able to treat the patients at the same time professionally. Also, there is a long list of duty that nurses must do other than taking care of the patients. If you are sure of having these three qualities, you can start writing the nursing application letter and be ready for a busy nurse life.

Writing a Nursing Application Letter

In writing an application letter in nursing, you state the intention right from start, completed with the position and department you are looking for. You also need to introduce yourself and mention the qualifications you have, and experiences if any. Explain the reasons why you are interested in joining the place you are applying. End the letter with giving your personal contact and thank for the opportunity.

Sample of Application Letter for Nurses

Below is a sample of nursing application letter that you can use as a reference in writing yours.

Dear Mr. Bahram,

I am writing this letter to apply for a nurse position in a Critical-Care Nursing Department in Medical Hospital. I have received the information that the department is in need of the nurses from the job advertisement. My educational background and experience can be useful in taking care of the patients in the department.

I have received the training to be in an emergency room for a semester during my study and I had a first-hand experience of being involved in emergency units during all the time in my career for 3 years. I believe I have the knowledge regarding the critical care, and I can work under the pressure. I get used to work in fast paced environment where I focus to the doctor’s instructions at the same time to treat the patients. I believe I have all the qualifications you are looking for to be as a nurse in the emergency department.

Along with this letter, I attach my resume that highlights the experience I have had during my career until recently. I can be reached at 111-222-333. Thank you for your consideration.



Salma Harim

After reading the sample above, we hope you have better idea of how to write a nursing application letter.


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