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Award Certificate Template as a tribute to the participants


Being a committee in various events is a very time-consuming thing. How not, the time spent is wasted taking care of the multiple needs of the performance on the stage, backstage needs, consumption needs for participants and the committee, to the equipment supporting the event. Not infrequently, many people are “confused” to manage the series of events that exist because of their activities. But don’t be afraid, using an award certificate template is a surefire solution to cut your busy time. Here we will give tips on making certificates with an attractive appearance and comfortable to look.

Five crucial elements to embed on the homepage of the award certificate template

Certificate of appreciation is often used to congratulate participants who have participated in seminars, workshops, graduations, competitions, training, and so forth. Surely the participants will feel happy because they have obtained the certificate, which can enrich their CV. Because it was felt to be very important for participants, it would be better to make the award certificate correctly, adequately, and aesthetically. Next, we will explain some tips for creating a beautiful award certificate template.

  1. Font

Make sure you make an award certificate template using comfortable and easy-to-read letters, not too big and not too small. Use the font type following the theme. If you want to apply the classic theme, you can write writing in the Latin style. Also, adjust the font color applied and make sure it matches the theme used.

  1. Design

Customize the certificate design with the event being held. When you own an IT workshop, then you can use the industrialist style and the nuances of industry 4.0. For example, if you hold a classic cake-making competition, you can use a classic-style theme with a touch of brown around it. Please don’t use a design that doesn’t have any relationship with the event you are holding, because it will reflect the seriousness in conceptualizing the event.

  1. Border

Don’t forget about the borders! You can add it around the certificate. But if you feel it’s too “crowded,” you can delete it and don’t need to use a border. Adjust the preferences of the event you are organizing.

  1. Layout

Layout settings are an essential thing in designing your award certificate template. Ensure that the arrangement of all certificate components is as expected. You can see various examples of existing layouts and apply them to your model. Don’t forget to print one page to view the layout result before it’s ready to be executed

  1. Signature

The signature also cannot be arbitrary. Be sure to place the signature column in the appropriate place, with the proper name and title, and not stack when labeled with an institution. Signatures are critical because they reflect the legality and authenticity of the certificate.

Award Certificate Design Ideas

Award Certificate Ideas

Those are some quick tips for creating beautiful award certificate template. Be sure to make a certificate with the full name and title. Good luck!


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