10+ Rack Card Template


10+ Rack Card Template Samples

A rack card is a kind of document used for promotional and advertising purposes. It is usually used to highlight your services & products in restaurants, hotels, travel agencies, hospitals, etc. If you want to create it, just feel free to use our rack card template.

Step by Step How to Make a Rack Card

You can actually create a rack card with certain software such as Ms. Word, CorelDraw, etc. Whatever the software you use, there are a few steps to follow. First of all, you have to start with a PSD rack card Second of all, what you need to do is to insert your own logo. If you want to add images, make sure that they are relevant to your purpose. After that, you can directly add your own text. Here, you can pick your desired fonts.

For the next step, you should select colors. It must be careful. It is better if the colors suit your brand. Last but not least, you can directly send the rack card template PSD or print it first. Make sure that the printer and papers have high quality.

Tips for Creating a Rack Card

Creating a rack card must be done carefully. So, here are some important tips to consider. First, you have to put the needed information such as the kind of product, contact info, etc. Besides that, you have to prepare a budget.

Then, you also have to keep the PSD rack card template simple yet eye-catching so that it can impress your customers. In addition, you need to proofread it first before printing. Last, you must pick the best-quality printer. If you follow these all, it will be effective to promote your business.

Rack Card Template Samples

In this article, we provide various PSD rack card sample templates. One of the examples is a speaker rack card. Besides that, a hospital rack card also belongs to one of the sample templates available in this article. The next sample is a spa rack card.

Of course, there are still many other sample templates such as a construction marketing rack card, a daycare rack card, a music band rack card, a shipping rack card, a trucking rack card, a travel rack card, a photo art gallery rack card, a recruitment firm rack card, an education rack card, etc.

Who Uses a Rack Card?

Rack cards are needed by almost all kinds of businesses and organizations. Rack cards are usually placed at tradeshows, waiting areas, showrooms, lobbies, etc. Usually, rack cards are designed in 4×9”. However, you can consider other sizes depending on your own purpose.

With our rack card template, you will be able to create it easily. You just need to find and pick your preferred template first. After that, use Adobe Photoshop to edit it to fit your needs. To get the best result, make sure that you use high-quality printers and papers.


Rack Card Design Ideas

Rack Card Ideas

Rack Card Example


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