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Chronological Resumes for an Experienced Job Seeker

There are a few resume formats available but the chronological format is the most popular one. Chronological resumes highlight your job experience in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent job first. Most recruiters prefer this resume format so that it is a good idea to follow it.

Sample of Chronological Resume

Below is a chronological resume sample that will inspire and guide you:

James Bond

1234 Home Boulevard Edmond, OR 55292




Energetic & motivating leader with a great ability to manage staff and long & short-term projects effectively. A self-starter & strong independent worker who excels at analyzing procedures & products to generate new ideas improving efficiency & production quality.

Professional Experience

ABC Group Inc., Edmond, OR

Manager (2016 – present)

Manage daily operations of 1 million foam Insulation Company.

  • Train & supervise work crews in the efficient product installation techniques, reducing material waste by 25% & labor hours by 45%
  • Instrumental in developing knowledge of sales team in the building science & energy conservation areas to provide customers with the information to plan for spray foam insulation successfully

XYZ Company, Edmond, OR

Data Network Manager (2011 – 2016)

Managed command & control data network to generate video representation of geographic area around the ship. The team consisted of 40 persons from 4 departments.

  • Assistant Command Duty Officer – Directed daily routine utilizing a duty section of 500 personnel from 10 different departments.
  • Production Control Officer – Coordinated the efforts of 140 personnel utilizing 36,000 man-hours. Completed 500+ jobs totaling more than 4 million dollars during a 14-month refurbishment period.

Education & Training

  • The University of Auburn, MBA in Finance, 2017
  • Costa Rica University, Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics, 2010
  • Aviator – Advanced Flight Training, US Flight Patrol

Key Skills

  • Leadership
  • Team management
  • People skills
  • Problem-solving


How to Write a Chronological Resume

To order a chronological resume, here are 5 steps you will have to follow:

  1. First of all, put your contact information details at the top of the resume!
  2. Second of all, open your resume with a strong introduction!
  3. Third of all, write your job experience in reverse chronological order!
  4. For the next step, include a brief education section!
  5. Last but not least, list your relevant skills!

People also ask

What Is a Chronological Resume?

A chronological resume format lists your job experience in order of when you held each role, with your most recent job listed first. This is the most commonly used format in 2021. It is ideal for most job seekers as it presents qualifications logically & accommodates people with all levels of experience.

What Does a Chronological Resume Focus on?

This resume format prioritizes professional experience & achievements. Besides this format, there are still 2 other popular resume formats available. They include functional resumes & combination resumes. If you are a candidate with rich & consistent professional experience, this format is best for you.

Why Is a Chronological Order Commonly Used?

Most recruiters prefer this resume format. In fact, hiring managers will usually look at the candidates’ work experience from the most recent jobs. This is also called a reverse-chronological resume. If you are still unfamiliar with this format, you can see this resume.

What Is the Difference between a Chronological and a Functional Resume?

A chronological resume captures your job experience under each job you’ve had, from the most recent job to the oldest one. On the other side, a functional resume format groups your skills by expertise or job function, & then lists your job experience near the bottom of the resume.

Chronological Resume with No Work Experience

As it is mentioned above, a chronological resume focuses on your job experience. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot use this resume format if you have no work experience. You also need to order the list of your education chronologically.

Chronological Resume Template Word

This resume template Word can be customized easily. You can adjust each section of the resume to your own contact information, resume objective, experience, education, and skills. This resume format can be used for any job position you want.

Chronological Resume for College

Even though a chronological resume is most ideal for an experienced job seeker, this resume format can also be used by a fresh graduate or even a college student. You write your recent your education with your expected graduate, continued with your prior education.

Chronological Resume for First Job

You don’t need to be confused using a chronological resume while you are looking for your first job experience. In this case, you can highlight any internship, volunteering, or other unpaid jobs you have ever had. You should highlight them in chronological order.

Chronological Resume Sample

If you need a sample for writing a chronological resume, this will help you a lot. This resume sample uses the reverse-chronological format. This is written & reviewed by a professional writer. If you follow its format, your resume will be able to impress your potential employer.

Chronological Resume Example

Writing an impressive resume is not an easy task. You will need an example before you start writing it. This resume example will not only inspire you but also guide you. This resume example is simple & flexible. Anyone who wants to apply for a job is allowed to use this resume format.

Free Chronological Resume Template

If you are looking for a free template for a chronological resume, this can be a good option for you. Whether you want to apply for an entry-level position or a managerial role, this resume template is very useful & helpful. This resume can be used for anyone including a student, a fresh graduate, etc.

Writing a good resume is a challenging task. You have to use a proper format. Chronological resumes are always accepted. So, it will be better for you to use this resume format, too. To make your resume more convincing, you have to be creative & unique by demonstrating your key skills & experience.

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