Things You Should Know In Making A Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Cover Letter

If you want to have a job as an officer in the monitoring and evaluation field, here are things you should know before you write the letter. You need to know some information related to monitoring and evaluation officer including what does the officer does, the skill required, future career, and how to write the monitoring and evaluation officer cover letter. Please check out down below!

What Evaluation and Monitoring Officer Do?

The position as a Monitoring and Evaluation officer usually has several responsibilities such as designing, implementing, coordinating, evaluating, monitoring, learning framework and doing some research related to the project. This job position also develops the base data for any project indicators and other components.

How Can I Acquire The Position In Monitoring And Evaluation Officer Cover Letter?

You still have a chance to get this position and have a career as a monitoring and evaluation officer if you have several things below, including:

  1. Acquire monitoring and evaluation formal certification.
  2. Have springboard with your actual job.
  3. Become a volunteer to check and assist experienced evaluators.
  4. Join evaluation associations and networks.
  5. Apply for the job.

Do I Need Tools Before Applying The Monitoring And Evaluation Officer Cover Letter?

Yes, you need several tools that help you in your work as an officer in the Monitoring and Evaluation field, such as Theory of Change, Evaluation and Monitoring plan, System Data, Sample Size, Logical Framework, Statistics – Open Datasets, Surveys, Focus Groups, and Interviews. Here is the example of the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Cover Letter for helping you get inspiration, check it down below:

Dear Ms. Williams:

Having grasped your information for the new position of officer in Monitoring and Evaluation, I am presenting the resume of mine for your review. I have several extensive experiences directing and also comprehensive internal planning. Not only those experiences, but also analysis, evaluation, and program reporting for several established non-profits. Those reasons as my talents will give benefit for your team to do projects at ABC International.

I create plans for the annual audit and implement some monitoring systems in order to help the office analyze several complex data set and get documenting results. My background and knowledge take part to help me excelling the capacity. I have good experienced in report generation, data quality, and project management. I also have several additional strengths that help me in regulatory compliance and teamwork that trigger me to take this challenging role.

The highlights of my skill required background for this job position:

Had many experienced in the evaluation, auditing, project planning, monitoring, and reporting for several professional projects and have played a pivotal role for the past eight years. I distributed and produced the Monitoring and Evaluation reports to organizational donors and management.

Introduced and created data collection tools, new reporting forms, evaluation, and performance processes indicators to make the M&E results more efficient and absolute.

Earned a formal education and formal certificate of Master’s degree in International Development from Harvard University.

With my experience in this field of monitoring and evaluation, having my commitment to evaluating and achieving highly informative and accurate results, I can meet your expectations for this job position. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you so much.


Ashley Barnet 





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