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Create a Perfect High School Diploma Template For Graduation of Your Beloved Students


A moment that most students and teachers look forward to in a school is a moment of graduation. It was also most awaited by the parents of students seeking knowledge in their favorite school for several years. No wonder the moment of graduation is usually held by holding a graduation party, complete with decorations and delicious food parties, of course. For schools, preparing several graduation documents is a must. It is a condition for students to continue to the next level, one of which is a high school diploma certificate. Here we provide a reference high school diploma template for the graduation of your beloved students.

5 Essential tips for designing a high school diploma template so that it becomes a valuable document.


A high school diploma graduation certificate is one of the most important documents a student must-have. That is because graduation documents are an essential requirement for continuing education to the next level. High school diploma certificates are also useful as proof that students have taken various subjects and have achieved the targets set as a condition of graduation. Because keeping in mind that the document is essential for students, we provide crucial steps to prepare a high school diploma template to make it a valuable and legal text.


  1. Layout

Before writing down some relevant information, make sure you have a design that aligns with the existing high school diploma template. You can change it again according to your preferences. However, please don’t add a few things that don’t need to be included, because it will take up a lot of range, given the many elements that will be covered later.

  1. Writing Information About Students

After you set the layout on the certificate page that you will create, enter various information about students following the design that has been adjusted. You can start writing the name, class, level, to other components that you think need. However, do not include all information due to space constraints.

  1. Important Information

Enter relevant information regarding graduation numbers, graduation dates, certificate numbers, to the school address if necessary to provide certificate validity. Enter the data into the layout that has been adjusted before. You can add additional arrangements if you feel that it’s lacking.

  1. Border Certificate

You can enhance your high school diploma template by adding available border decorations. By adding a border that surrounds the layout, the certificate you create will be more beautiful but still, show a formal document. A small tip for maintaining document formality is to use a border with a structured design and relate to graduation concepts. If it’s too crowded, you can use the line pattern as a border or not add a border.

  1. School Signature and Stamp

To ensure the legality and credibility of the certificate, you must add a signature column and prepare a school stamp. The school principal or the authorities can sign the document.


High School Diploma Design Ideas

High School Diploma Ideas

Here are some steps to arrange a high school diploma template to become an official and proper document, of course. Make it in such a way as the best appreciation for your beloved student.


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