The Best Recommendation for Dental Hygienist Reference Letter

When visiting a dentist, a patient is often taken care by someone in the room other than the dentist itself who is called as a dentist hygienist. The role of dental hygienist is important to help the work of the doctor in examining the patient so finding the right person for this job is crucial. If an individual has been having this position for a while anddoes a great job, it is often that the dentist usually writes a dental hygienist reference letter. The purpose of this letter is to recommend the dental hygienist for another job.

Differences between Dental Hygienist and Dental Assistant

The two terms might interchangeable but actually it is two different things. Dental hygienist is responsible for cleaning patient’s teeth and giving preventive education of how to take care the teeth. They can also perform x-ray to the patients and perform the job by using the specialized dental tools. While dental assistant is performing the patient care and the administrative work for the hospital or clinic. It takes them to prepare the dentist instrument, arrange the patient’s appointments, managing the billings, etc. Although the jobs are quite the same, both terms are not interchangeable in some ways.

Format of Dental Hygienist Reference Letter

In writing a dental hygienist reference letter, usually there is a format needs to be followed. Basically, it is the same like any other reference letter where the beginning starts with the recommendation from the dentist. Below is the sample letter that can be as a reference if you are in need to write the dental hygienist reference letter.

Dear Dr. Chris,

I am writing this dental hygienist reference letter to recommend Gladys Abbey for the dental hygienist in your clinic. She has worked with me for nearly four years and she has been a great hygienist staff in my clinic since the beginning. Unfortunately, she has to move back to her hometown to accompany her mother who lives alone after her father passed away. She has no other closerelatives that can take care of her mother.

Right from the start, Gladys is a dental hygienist who is excellent, hardworking, and dedicated to her responsibility. She proves that she is the best in doing her job. She is quick but always does her job correctly even without my assistance. She is also well-liked character in the clinic as she is able to blend in with everyone and I never heard any unpleasant rumor.

Some patients tell me that they always feel comfortable when Gladys is in charge in the room. She knows how to deal with all patients, from children to adults, even difficult patients. She also promotes the healthy lifestyle for better teeth condition to the patients in the clinic and sheactively joins some medical seminar to expand her skills. I am having mixed feeling of her leaving but I believe she will do her best whenever she is and I am sure she will do the same or even better in your dental clinic.

If you have further questions regarding Gladys, please contact me at 333-444-555. I would answer it immediately.



Dr. Steven Romary

The dental hygienist reference letter above is complete in showcasing the positive side of the hygienist staff. We hope it helps you.


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