A Sample Of COR Appointment Letter

The term COR is an acronym of Contracting Officer Representative. The person who works in this position has a task to oversee the administrative and technical aspects of the contract. When there is a complex contract, a COR is assigned to check and oversee it. If a person is pointed to hold this position,  he or she will get the COR appointment letter very often.

How Important Is A contracting Officer’s Representative?

The COR plays an important role to make sure the contractor will commit to the contract assigned. In short, they are the liaison representative from the government or private contractor.

How To Write A COR Appointment Letter?

Just like writing a formal letter. The   COR appointment letter has several important parts such as designation, exclusion, responsibilities, and statements related to consequences when the parties violate the contracts. This document letter acts as the legal document which means someone can resolve the issue in front of the court.

The Sample Of COR Appointment Letter

On this page, we provide you a sample of the COR appointment letter. This letter is to inform the individual that he or she has been pointed to work on a specific project as a contractive officer representative.  This letter also addresses the importance of provisions understanding and it is advised to ask the professional experts before assigning. Check the following example to help you get a better understanding of this.

Dear Mr. Fleming,

Through this letter, I would like to inform you that you have been selected as the Contracting Officer Representative for the ABC project with the contract number _________. I have enclosed the document related to the COR responsibilities and also limitations. Please do keep in mind that you will read it carefully and have a full understanding of the document. This contract may be changed when all the parties concern to make changes.

About the responsibilities and Limitations, documents specify the items that are on your handle. Some of the items included are monitoring the contractor’s performance, developing the contract specifications, making sure the projects run according to schedules, making sure the project is on the budget, communicating issues related to contract as well as schedules.

Some responsibilities are out of your authority such as soliciting proposals, making a commitment with other parties, executing agreements that out of your contracts, and many more. All of the details are written on the document.

If you have questions related to this matter, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

(555)555-555 or contact me by email at elenoir@email.com. Please reach me within 48 hours after receiving this letter.

As a note, we take any violation seriously so please have a full understanding of anything stated in this document.



Mrs. Bahren Daud

Contracting Officer

Harrison Company

The example COR appointment letter above is a simple sample that you might need to read if you are curious how this letter looks like. The sample above is editable so please use it wisely.

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