Quick Guide On Writing Fire Department Resignation Letter

There is always a requirement to be as professional as you can when it comes to working. This includes when you are planning to resign from a fire department. A well-written fire department resignation letter gives others a good impression before leaving. It is like another resignation letter, you need to write it in a formal tone. On this page, we will help you write a good one.


What Is the Format of A Fire Department Resignation Letter?

A professional resignation letter always starts with a formal greeting to your upper manager. Note that the formal letter should be straightforward and factual and it is not more than one page. Thanking the boss and coworkers who worked with you is a good intention.

Do You Need To Write A Two-Week Early Notice?

There is no official law from the states or government regarding resignation letter. However, it depends on the company’s policy. However, if there is no law in your company that requires you to write an early notice, it is always good to start it.

Writing an early notice helps your company get some time to do the transition. Besides, you can show your intention to help the company selecting and training the new candidate or other eligible employees to hold your position. In the end, you will leave good impression.

Can A Company Fire You After Submitting Fire Department Resignation Letter?

Unfortunately, in some cases, the employer can fire employees who have submitted their resignation notice. The reason is the employee who has given early notice is considered being employed at will. In this case, a company can terminate its contract for few reasons. It is different with employees who are in-contract. They are protected by the government.

The Example Of  Fire Department Resignation Letter

Dear Mr. Ramsey,

I am writing this letter as an official early resignation notice. Starting from February 3, 2021, I will no longer work in Station I. Therefore, please accept my early resignation notice.

I am deeply sorry that I cannot continue working in this department because my husband will move to California at the end of February 2021. I will have to help him get prepared for our move. However, I am very grateful for the 5 years of experience I have got so far. I have gained a lot of skills and lessons during my service in this place. Especially when you keep teaching me about different stuff. Besides, I am also very grateful to have an amazing team. I have an unforgettable experience while working with them. 

During my last two weeks, I will help you as much as I can in doing the transition. If you have anything to discuss, please don’t hesitate to contact me by phone at (555)555-555.

Once again, I very regret to tell you this and I always wish you all the best as well as all of the staff. I wish one day we will cross the same path again. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours Sincerely,


Jodi Kim

Station I

We hope our example about the fire department resignation letter can give you some ideas in writing it. Good luck!

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