An Example Of Police Officer Resignation Letter

In life, some problems lead a person to submit a resignation letter, including a police officer. Some police officers want to resign from their position due to various reasons, such as misuse of authority, injury, trauma due to psychological problems, and many more. While most companies require employees to submit a resignation letter, so does the police officer. If you are wondering about how to write a police officer resignation letter, you can do the following things.


Does It Take A Long Process For A Cop To Quit From Their Job?

In some cases, it depends on the state law you are working in. Some states require you to be in service for some years before allowing you quitting from your job. Of course, if you have an undeniable exception, you might be allowed to quit. Other laws want you to pay them because they funded you during the training. Therefore, before deciding to quit your job, make sure you have read such policies so you will not face unnecessary problems.

Can You Reapply As A Police Officer After Quitting?

Generally, you still can reapply as a police officer, but they have different standards when you move to another city or state. Some departments allow you to apply without reentering the academy and some others require you to do such things because this is simply compulsory. Mostly it is to familiarize yourself with their policies and paperwork.

What Are The Best Job To Apply After Quitting As A Police Officer?

Some jobs might be suitable with your skills such as homeland security, cybersecurity, public administration, and many more. You can just look at the requirements in the job vacancy.

The  Police Officer Resignation Letter Format

You have to start with your name, position, and the effective date of resignation. After that, you can write down the short reason why quitting your job and don’t forget to thank your seniors.

The Example of Police Officer Resignation Letter Example

Dear Mr. Bolton,

After long consideration, discussion and thoughts, I have decided that I will resign from my position as a lieutenant on ABC City Police Force. After getting shot by the XYZ drug cartel, I have been suffering mentally and physically. The long battle with the drug cartel has been giving me anxiety and post-trauma disorder which make me unable to handle various jobs. Therefore, I think this is the best decision to take for me and the ABC City Police Force.

My resignation date will be effective on February 14, 2021. I would be honored to assist the new lieutenant you name to replace me.

Once again, I am very honored to have the privilege of serving in this institution. Furthermore, I don’t have a proper word to describe my gratefulness for various experiences especially you, Chief O’Reilly, and others who have taught me many useful things.


I wouldn’t mind being transferred to a rural area with a less dangerous situation to help me recover from the trauma. If you have anything to discuss, please don’t hesitate to contact me at (555)555-555.

Thank you for your consideration.


Best Regards,


Lt. Aron Cupa

We hope our simple example about the police officer’s resignation letter inspires you.

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