A Simple Guide To Write Client Appreciation Letter

To keep your relationship with your client, there are several things to do from fixing your service, listening to their critics, and appreciating their business. One of the simplest things that can bring a good change is writing the client appreciation letter. This is a cheap way to get their attention and it will be worthed if you spend some time to write it.


What Is A Client Appreciation Letter?

This is another type of business correspondence that is designed to show the business’ gratitude to the clients for the long term relationship. One of the main reasons to write this is to thank them for being loyal customers. This is also a form of expressing your gratitude because of the positive relationship between you and your clients.

Why Does A Client Appreciation Letter Matter?

There are some reasons why the letter is important for your business. Such a simple letter can make the customer happy, leave a positive impression and increase the chance to get referred to another potential customer.

How To Write A Client Appreciation Letter?

Writing a client appreciation letter is not difficult, you just need to do the following things:

Address by the name

Start by greeting the clients by the name with a proper greeting.

Share your appreciation

The next step is writing your appreciation. Try to be specific why you are writing them this letter such as mentioning how a positive relationship grows between them and your business. besides, always thank them for their support to the business and let them know that your company values their business.

Future interactions

because this is a part of a business letter, it is always good to know if they need something in the future. For example, you can add a coupon as an award because of their loyalty to your business.

The Example Of Client Appreciation Letter

Dear Mr. Stevenson,

It doesn’t seem like we have been cooperating for more than 5 years since the ABC Digital Marketing Agency handling your online store. At first, building the online business foundation was very tricky but fortunately, we could get through it without any major glitches.

Through this letter, I want you to know that I value our long relationship which my staff and I have considered your company as our organization. We have handled various tasks from helping you doing research, uploading product knowledge, maintaining your website, and administering social media.

We understand that during these two years, the challenge of online business has been very tough. Let me know if you need help. We will always be ready to assist you in reaching your goal.

Once again, we appreciate the opportunity to work with you.


Best Regards,



Halimah Saiq

ABC Digital Marketing Agency

It doesn’t take a long time to write your customers a client appreciation letter. However, make sure you mention specific detail about them, not just sending a copy of the appreciation letter. Small things like these make them special and remember you better.

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