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How to Write a Nurse Resume Properly

Are you interested to be a nurse? If you are interested in a nursing job, you will have to send an application letter along with a resume. Writing a nurse resume is a challenging task. So, you have to pay attention to this discussion. We will provide you an example and guidelines.

Sample of Nurse Resume

The following nurse resume sample will be useful for you who want to write a resume for a nursing job.

Jenny Willy

7070 Blake Ave, Richmond, VA



Nurse RN with 9 years of experience providing quality care to various patients. Has a Master’s qualification in nursing. Currently focused on earning a Doctorate Degree in nursing. Aiming to leverage my knowledge & experience to fill the nursing position effectively at your hospital.

Professional Experience

Virginia Hospital, Richmond, VA

Registered Nurse, September 2015 – present

  • Provide direct care to patients including monitoring, recording, & evaluating medical conditions every day up to 20 patients/day.
  • Developed & direct a rotational system to manage the care of patients.
  • Coordinate the objectives of workforce management focusing on hospital-wide, departmental, and individual initiatives.
  • Lead & mentored 5 newly licensed nurses in developing as well as achieving expertise.
  • Interact as well as communicate with patients at any age & ethnic background, giving quality medical care & treatment.

The Carolinas Clinic, Charleston, SC

Assistant Nurse, June 2012 – August 2015

  • Helped physicians in recording vitals in physical exams, measuring heartbeat, and taking blood pressure.
  • Collaborated with 3 other nursing staff to claim environment in caring for patients.
  • Supervised the admissions of patients in emergency cases & directed the transferring of patients from their locations to the clinic with ambulance.
  • Commended by supervisors to handle hard situations involving patients & their families.


Catholic University, Washington, DC

Master of Science Degree in Nursing, August 2011

  • GPA: 3.77
  • Vice President, Association of National Student Nursing, 2009 – 2011

RJ University, Chicago, IL

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, September 2009


  • Member of District of Columbia Nurses Association
  • Progressive Care Certified Nurse Certification


How to Write a Nurse Resume

Before you start writing your resume, it is better to see the following nurse resume sample first.

  1. Write a resume summary that showcases your relevant experience!
  2. Add numbers to your nursing resume such as how many patients, how many hours, etc.
  3. Edit your resume to the job posting!
  4. List your nursing-related skills on your own resume?
  5. Include additional information if any!

People also ask

How to Format a Professional Nurse Resume?

When it comes to a nurse resume format, you should write it properly. You need to know that a nurse operates in a fast-paced environment valuing protocol & sanitation. Therefore, these values must be evident in your own resume. Here, it is best to use the reverse-chronological format.

What Are Some Skills for Nursing

There are a few soft skills to be possessed by a nurse. Besides an effective communication, a nurse should also have the practicing empathy. In addition, time & organization management is also very important. One more, doesn’t forget about networking!

Is It Important to Add Achievements on Your Nurse Resume?

To make your nursing resume balanced, it is a good idea to add your relevant achievements. However, don’t forget about your technical, soft, and hard skills.

How to Write a Cover letter for a Nursing Resume?

Writing a cover letter is still necessary. Here, you should write a brief letter focusing on your best qualifications. You need to include some accomplishments from the most recent ones. In addition, a good cover letter matching your resume will provide a benefit over other candidates.

Nurse Resume with No Work Experience

If you want to apply for a nursing position but you don’t have any work experience, this resume is appropriate for you. You can still make your nurse resume template stand out even though you don’t include your experience. You can focus on your education, skills, awards, etc.

Nurse Resume Template Word

You can easily find a resume template on the internet but this one is best for you. This template is available in Word. It means you can easily use and edit it. So, your task in writing a resume for a nursing job will be much easier.

Nurse Resume for College

Even though you are still a college student, you can look for a part-time job as a nurse. This resume is appropriate for college or even high school. So, if you think that this can be used as the reference for writing your own resume, just use it.

Resume for Nurse First Job

If this is the first time you look for a nursing job, you have to use this chance to get your first ever jobbed. So, your resume must be written carefully. This resume template will help you a lot in writing your own resume.

Nurse Resume Sample

Are you searching for a resume sample for a nurse position? If you are, this resume sample will inspire you. Just follow the format & structure and write your resume based on your own qualifications.

Nurse Resume Example

If you need an example, you can find it here. The example of a nursing resume found here is for anyone. For you who need the reference for writing a resume for any job, you can adopt from this example. You just need to make a little customization so that it fits your needs.

Free Nurse Resume Template

This resume template is free and editable. Just use it anytime and edit it freely! Writing a resume can be a frustrating task. With this template, you can easily, quickly, and effortlessly write your own resume. Available in an appropriate format, this will help you get your job in nursing.

After paying attention to the example and guidelines above, you can practice writing your own nurse resume now. In writing your resume, you must follow a proper format, be honest, and include all the relevant education, skills, and experiences.



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