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Easy Performance Evaluation with 360 Review Template

360 Performance review is an opportunity to provide feedback to fellow employees. Unlike the reviews or feedback given by superiors to their subordinates, 360 Reviews are feedback that can be given to fellow employees and even customers. All stakeholders can provide their assessment to fellow employees in the company. This is an aspect of assessment that is very fair compared to other types of assessment, of course, it must be filled in honestly so that the results obtained are relevant. Why is it called 360? Because the assessment is obtained from all directions. If you are someone whose task is to create a 360 review format, you don’t need to be confused because you can easily get 360 review template.

The Indicator of the 360 Template Review

If you have ever gotten or noticed a 360 Review paper that does not begin with an introduction, this paper is not the real 360 Review. 360 Reviews should be included with a preamble such as filling instructions, inspirational sentences, and sentences that will raise the morale of the person who do the 360 review paper. Then there’s a place to fill in the brief information that worked on the 360 Review. This information relates to the name of the employee you are assessing, your relationship with him, and your name so that the information is accurate. This must be included in the 360 Review so that the feedback received by other employees can be taken into account.

Rating Indicator

After the opening part, the important aspect explains the assessment or indicator rating. 360 Review template will make it easier for you to find the solution. It depends on you whether to make an assessment rating that contains 3 indicators such as Good, Normal, and Bad. There are also rating ratings such as Never, Rarely, Occasionally, Frequently, Always, and Not Applicable. This depends on the aspect to be assessed.

Comments column

Then finally, there is a comment column provided for employees to be able to give their honest opinion. There are so many companies that do not give priority to this because it is considered unnecessary. The development and growth of a company will be very important, and this can be obtained from employees. It doesn’t need to be big because of course the assessment column and the things that are considered are far more important. Because of this, using 360 review template for your company success and solution.

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360 review Ideas

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