An Ultimate Guide On Writing A Simple Thank You Internship Letter

If your internship period has been over, it is expected that you write a professional thank you message to the company. This is normally called the thank you internship letter which expresses the internship opportunity and experience during your internship service.

As you know, the internship program opens a path for a future career, and who knows if one day the company will pick you as their employee. On this page,  you will learn about how to write this letter in a simpler and more professional manner.


Why should You Write A Thank You Internship Letter?

It is obvious that the primary goal is to thank the employer for all of the experience, opportunity, and skills you have gained. Writing a letter is a polite thing to do and will leave a very nice impression before leaving.

Do You Need To Send Thank You Letter To Everyone In The Company?

Even though a thank you letter is a polite thing, you must know to whom you can give this letter. It is suggested to give it to people who helped you during the internship. Besides, make sure you don’t send the same letter with an edited name. It just shows that you are not serious and appreciate the help. Always write a genuine letter.

How To Write A Good Thank You Internship Letter?

Express gratitude

In every thank you note or letter, you have to address your gratitude for getting a chance to work with the company in the internship program.

Mention the details

As you work with different people, especially in the team, mention that you are thankful and try to explain in detail how the person has helped you develop. For instance, you mention that he/she helped you understand Google Analytics.

Provide contact information

Of course, you need to mention your contact information. This includes your professional LinkedIn profile, email, and contact numbers. Who knows if the company will need you one day.

The Example Of Simple And Professional Thank You Internship Letter

Dear Ms. Hillary

I would like to thank you for the opportunity and experience as an intern at the ABC Company. During these 6 months, you have given me a lot of insight on various aspects especially on technical aspects in digital marketing.

During my service as an intern, you even spend some time teaching me how to read Google Analytics, Instagram, and Facebook Insight. This gives me a lot of confidence in how to develop myself for my future career and decide what kind of expertise I should focus on. Furthermore, there are other things that I am very thankful for. You have gained my confidence after giving me various types of jobs, from doing technical things to dealing with clients. I know I would never be able to repay this valuable experience.

This internship has given me a lot of things to consider for my future career. I would love if I could stay in touch with you regarding the career I will be pursuing; a digital marketer. I am leaving my contact just in case one day we could cross the same path again. You can contact me at (666)666-666 or by email at

Once again, I am very thankful for these amazing six months.




Rebeca Musk

To sum up, even though the chance of getting hired is low, but this thank you internship letter at least can give you another opportunity in the future, for example, people there will refer you to another opportunity.


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