The Best Format for A Last Minute Resignation Letter

As when you enter and are accepted for your work,  you also have to leave the job properly. If you do not have time to write your resignation letter two weeks before officially resigning, you can write a last minute resignation letter so that your resignation will look professional. Not sure how to start? You can start by reading our brief explanation and the sample in this article.


What Should I Include In My Resignation Letter?

There are some important steps you must take before writing your resignation letter:

Notify Your Manager

You can contact your manager in advance, either by phone or in person. Express your intention to resign properly, don’t leave your job without politely saying goodbye. You can also discuss some important matters including your final salary and benefits.

Writing Business Letter

Use a business letter format to write a professional resignation letter. You will need to write your name, position, address, and date of delivery of the letter. A business letter format is considered a standard and professional format.

Detail Matters

Don’t forget to write some details such as the exact date of your resignation and the reason you resigned from work. Be concise and clear, don’t make it too verbose.

Say Thank You

At the end of the letter, you can say thank you for the extraordinary opportunities the company has provided so far. Also, include your name and signature at the end of the letter.

What Is The Best Format To Be Used?

As mentioned above, your resignation letter must be written in a polite and professional business letter format. Keep your letter brief and clear to make it look professional. Don’t write your letter too long, use at least three paragraphs that have covered all the important details of the letter.

Last Minute Resignation Letter Sample

You need to pay attention to some important aspects before writing a resignation letter. Take a look at a sample below:

Dear Mr. Edward,

I am writing to inform you of my resignation as an accountant at First Communications. My grandmother who lives outside the city is sick and I have to take care of her. My parents have also asked me to look after my grandmother and find a job there. My last day of work will be on January 16, 2021, I hope you will accept this letter as my one week notice. I will do my best to avoid any inconvenience caused by my resignation.

During this past week, I will do my project well to completion. I will also recommend my replacement if needed. If you have any questions to discuss, please contact me at (333)-3333-333 or email me at

I am grateful for the opportunity given during my years working at First Communications. I have had a wonderful experience and have also been guided very patiently and well. I hope everyone at First Communications will always be healthy and more successful.

Yours sincerely,


Shirley Victoria

First Communications

All in all, a last minute resignation letter should be written in a formal business letter format. Also, it’s important to pay attention to some important elements.



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