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Coach Resume Template for Any Job Seeker

Coaching is one of the most challenging jobs. If you are interested in this job, you can use any available opportunity. For your preparation, you can start from writing a resume first. In this article, we provide you a coach resume template that can inspire and guide you.

Sample of Coach Resume Template

Below is a good coach resume sample for your reference:

Ronald Fergie


Main Street, Las Vegas, Nevada 55292


Athletic Director – Coach – Administrator – Teacher

Articulate, student-focused person with proven expertise in motivating youth to reach goals, while prioritizing & strategizing for winning athletic programs at school. Holds staff, parents, and students in high esteem, and also interacts with the greatest degree of professionalism & personal integrity. Background includes leadership in business and in the educational field. Dedicated to staff & student development. Proficient with athletic scheduling software.

Athletics Experience

Nevada Athletic School, Las Vegas, Nevada

Athletic Director, Basketball Coach

2016 – present

  • Created new policies & procedures as well as rewrote Athletic Handbook
  • Reorganized Athletic Department to exceed Athletic Association standards by

Athletic Conferences, Las Vegas, Nevada

President  & Member

2015 – 2017

  • Participated in National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association & Nevada State Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association. Attended NIAAA leadership classes.
  • Functioned as Acting President of Nevada Athletic Conference

Athletics High School, Las Vegas, Nevada

Junior Basketball Coach, 2014 – 2015

Assistant Basketball Coach, 2013 – 2014

  • Coached junior team & helped varsity coach at Nevada High School
  • Helped junior basketball teams in Division 1 at JJ High School

Educational Experience

Nevada Athletic School, Las Vegas, Nevada

Assistant Principal, Teacher, Dean of Students

2016 – Present

  • Help Principal with duties as well as handle most disciplinary matters
  • Instruct students in algebra, computer science, and physical education
  • Improved some school policies & procedures as well as revised student handbook

Nevada Private School, Las Vegas, Nevada

Honors Algebra Teacher

2015 – 2016

Business Experience

Corporate Accountant, Bryan Division, Las Vegas, Nevada (2012 – 2014)

Accounting Analyst, Statewide Data System, Las Vegas, Nevada (2010 – 2012)

Private Accountant, Templer Company, Las Vegas, Nevada ( 2008 – 2010)


California State University, Fullerton, California

Bachelor of Science in Finance, 2008


How to Write a Coach Resume

If you want to write a coaching resume template, here is the step by step you will have to do:

  1. To start the document, use a job title headline!
  2. Write a paragraph summary outlining your relevant skills!
  3. Create an introduction featuring additional proficiency in the relevant role!
  4. Make sections for your experience!
  5. Include the educational section!

People also ask

Is This Coach Resume Free?

Yes, this resume is completely free. So, anyone is allowed to use this resume anytime. It means you do not need to find any other resume template because this one is enough to inspire and guide you for writing your own resume.

Does Coach Resume Cost Money?

Typically, services charge from 100 to 400 dollars. It depends on how advanced your resume needs to be. However, you actually don’t need to pay at all because you can find a free editable template for a coach resume.

What Are the Main Coaching Styles?

Generally, there are 3 accepted styles of coaching in sports. They include holistic, democratic, and autocratic. Each of them has its benefits & drawbacks. Besides that, it is also important to understand all of them.

What Makes You a Great Coach?

A good coach is patient, positive, respectful, observant, knowledgeable, goal-oriented, focused, trusting, supportive, enthusiastic, & a clear communicator.

Coach Resume with No Work Experience

To be a coach, you should not always have experience. Even you have no work experience; you can still apply for a coaching job. This resume is designed for anyone who are interested in coaching jobs. With this coaching resume template, you can impress your potential employer.

Coach Resume Template Word

It will be much easier to write a resume if you use an editable template. Since this resume template is available in Word, you can easily edit it to fit your needs. Make sure that you write your resume based on the job post you seen.

Coach Resume for College

A college student can start a career as a coach. This resume can be used by any college student who is applying for a coach. Whether you are interested to be a football coach, basketball coach, or any other sports coach, this resume will help you a lot.

Resume for Coach First Job

It is not easy to get a first job as a coach. In this case, what you need is an impressive resume. This free coach resume template will be useful and helpful for you who are interested in this position. So, just feel free to use it to apply for a coach position in your desired sports team.

Coach Resume Sample

This resume sample is just for you who want to be a professional coach. This resume sample is easy to read and edit. It uses a professional format, good grammar, and correct spelling. If you want to write a resume for a coach position, just feel free to use this sample!

Coach Resume Example

If you have never written a resume for a coach before, you will need an example. This resume doesn’t only show you a good example but will also inspire and guide you. This resume example is written professionally. So, make sure that you follow its format properly!

Free Coach Resume Template

Are you looking for a free template for a coach resume? If you need a free coach resume template, this is what you want. This free template will help you a lot for writing a good resume to impress your potential employer.

After paying attention to a coach resume template and useful tips above, now you can practice writing a resume on your own. With this editable template, you will not only save a lot of time but you can also write a resume effortlessly. Hopefully, you can get your desired coaching job soon!


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