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Plumber Resume to land the first job

When you want to be a plumber, you need to arrange a plumber resume. This resume is useful because it will give the power of your qualities and capabilities so that you can avoid any the worst the mistake a job you can make. You also need to present this resume and break the success of your application properly.

In this idea, you have to remember that you only have a single chance to make a good impression and capture the attention of a potential employer. In other words, your plumber resume idea should be strong so that the recipient will understand your qualities and your capabilities as well.

The example of a plumber resume template 

To facilitate you writing this resume, you need to read the following sample that will guide you to make this resume impressive to read. Here is an example of the resume.

Jack Milner

Personal info:

Phone: (555)-888-9992

Email: milnerjack69@gmail.com


An efficient plumber with 5+ years of experience and skill in PEX and copper installation, repair, and maintenance. Looking for high-quality work for ZTE services. Completed 30% faster than company average with a 90% customer satisfaction rating and 10% fewer errors.



ZTE Plumbing service, August 2018 – present

  • Worked in a high-volume plumbing business, completing 15-45 clients call per week
  • Installed new plumbing system on 20+ $1M -$2 M homes
  • Completed job 30% faster than average for the business
  • Customer satisfaction average with 10% less mistake


AUX Service, June 2015 – July 2018

  • Answered 50+ customer calls per week
  • Keep upselling rate 20% higher than franchise average
  • They installed a new plumbing system


Tech Community college of Texas

Vocational training and apprenticeship

  • Commended 6X by the contractor I apprenticed
  • Excelled in the new installation instruction


  • Technical skills: installation, repair, PEX, copper, PVC, venting, sewage lines
  • Soft skills: physical fitness, problem-solving, customer service, strong work ethic


  • English
  • Spanish

How to create a plumber resume

You need to pay attention to some ideas when you are arranging this plumber resume template. By understanding some ideas on this resume, your document will be nice to read and easy to understand. Here are some ideas to follow on your resume.

  • You need to showcase your skills so that whoever reviews your resume, will immediately see that you are a good candidate for the job
  • List all the training and certifications because the education section in this resume will be a good place to mention any labor union membership
  • Remember to proofread to ensure that you have free spelling, grammatical, and or formatting error

How do you format a journeyman plumber resume?

Since this job service is for offices, schools, homes, and other structures, you need to make a good format on your resume. Gaining this purpose, you can follow some ideas below.

1) Begin with the reverse chronological resume template

2) Arrange the best heading for resume begin with a name in large font

3) You also need to include on your resume including experience, education, skills, and other

4) Save your plumbing resume in PDF format unless the hiring manager says not to

What should include in a plumber resume?

Your plumber resume design idea will be great if you can write this resume with a proper arrangement. In this idea, you need to follow the steps below that will make your resume interesting to read. Here are some of the steps to include on your resume.

1) Begin with the best plumber resume format and you need to show skills in installation and remediation

2) Write the resume summary where you need to summarize your plumber resume beneath your heading. You also need to make a short elevator pitch

3) Solder your resume to the plumber job description and describe your relevant experience in a resume

4) Customize your plumber resume education section and add the accomplishment if it is needed

5) List your plumber skills in the resume

Kinds of a plumber resume

Besides, you also will find that this plumber resume design template has some types that will make your template suitable for your plumber job position you get. Here are some of the resumes to know relevant to this resume.

Construction plumber resume

This resume will market yourself and it will focus not only on your skills but also will show your accomplishment. The resume provides a comprehensive summary of skills at the top section of your resume so that it will be the first thing noticed by the employer.

Plumber resume in Doc

This resume shows the knowledge of different pipe materials and fitting. The resume also effectively showcases all plumbing skills to impress a potential employer. You also need to know that this resume is easy to edit and customize so that it will give you more advantage to applying.

Basic plumber resume

If you are a newbie or an expert, this resume will be useful because it is a basic idea for the resume. This resume has a good headline that can do the job for you without a good it and the employer will have to go through the resume by understanding your purpose of the resume.

Maintenance plumber resume

The resume has a good system so that it will ensure the people about your skills. You also need to showcase all plumbing skills to impress a potential employer. You also need to show your troubleshooting skills for the complex plumbing system.

Apprentice plumber resume

When you want to apply for an apprentice plumber, you need to provide a comprehensive summary of skills at the top section of your resume so that it will be the first thing noticed by the employer. You also need to use the proper format such as tables, bulleted lists, and so forth for this resume.

By understanding those ideas, you can arrange this plumber resume without any difficulties. Moreover, you also need to know that you must focus more on your duties rather than accomplishments to show that you are a responsible person. With this idea, the people will understand your qualities very well.


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