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Consulting the reference letter template can be an efficient way to help you write an effective and efficient reference letter. Also known as the recommendation letter, this task isn’t for everyone. Some people may struggle with the composition and the details, while others may be able to do it flawlessly. If someone asks you to write the letter, it would be wise if you know some specific details first before you proceed with the task.


The Principle of Reference Letter

Reference letter is a written documentation that provides a positive support for the intended person. It should be written in a positive mood, highlighting the personal traits, characteristics, professional abilities and skills, and other positive elements needed – whether it is for applying for a job or applying for schools. If you are asked to write such a letter, be sure that you understand the responsibility of writing such a task.

The Important Elements and Considerations

Although you can always consult the reference letter template, it is the content that matters. Of course, it would be great if you can combine the contents and the layout, but you should pay attention to the contents as the main highlight. To produce and compose such a positive and convincing letter, here are some things you should consider:

  • Really think seriously before you say yes. When you write such a reference letter, you should be able to highlight the positive characteristics of the person. It means that you should know the person in order to write an honest and truthful letter. If you don’t know anything about the person or you only know a little, the letter will seem empty and somewhat fake. It’s better to refuse writing the letter than to produce an empty document – or even worse, write a negative letter about the person.
  • Don’t forget to ask for information about the person. Although you may know the personal personally, it doesn’t hurt to learn about their professional background or history. Ask for their CV or resume. You’d be surprised to know that you will definitely find and learn new things about them.
  • Be sure to get all the (smallest) details. Don’t forget to ask about the submission deadline, what kind of format you should use or he/she prefers, to whom the letter is sent to, and such thing alike.

Composing the Letter

Besides knowing the important elements of the reference letter template, you should also know the structure and layout.

  • Contact information. It should be the contact information of the recipient and yours.
  • This is important so you shouldn’t skip it. It would be best if you can address the person by the name, but if you don’t know, then the ‘Admission Committee’ or ‘Hiring Manager’ should do it.
  • In this section, you should explain you and the person’s relationship.
  • Body overview. This is the section where you can highlight the person’s characteristics and skills.
  • You can offer the recipient to contact you for further info
  • Don’t forget to include your signature and complete name underneath. That’s the complete layout for the reference letter template.

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