6+ High School Resume Template Functions

The high school resume template can provide a great idea and inspiration for high school students, especially for those who are looking forward to continuing their education to a higher level or to find a job after graduation. In short, there is nothing wrong about knowing the right kind of resume. Having your own resume template collections can be quite helpful if you care about your future – and you want to have a brighter one.

The Importance of a Resume

Who says that a high school student doesn’t need to have any resume at all? In fact, you should start thinking about your own personal development if you want to have a bright future and a bright career. Resumes can be functional a lot – it can be used to apply for internship, to apply for jobs, and to complete your application for college. When we are talking about the high school resume template, you will see that the contents will focus on extracurricular activities, relevant coursework, or possibly any experience (job experience) that you have.

How to Compose a high School Resume

There are some things that you can do to make your resume stand out from the others. The high school resume template will help but you also need to pay attention to the contents:

  • Include your career objective. It doesn’t have to be long – a sentence or two would be enough. This can be a crucial point when your working history doesn’t reflect your future career or goal. Here is an example: I am a hard working individual and also motivated team player. I am also an aspiring graphic artist looking for a chance to work in an establishment where I can develop my skills.
  • Highlight your experience – any experience. Whether you are mowing lawns or babysitting or tutoring for the neighbor kids, you should also include all kinds of past experience to your resume. Also include any activity that you have, such as club activity or sport activity or even volunteer work.
  • Provide enough details for the education section. Although you may be very active outside the house, you are still a high school student. It means that your primary focus is about studying and education. When you are able to provide a balanced information about what you do inside the classroom and the activities outside, you can attract attention. It shows that you have a balanced academic achievement as well as a good social skill.
  • You should provide lists of achievements and awards. If you have been awarded for your accomplishments, then why not putting them all in a list? You can say something like ‘Member of the High School National Society Honor’ or ‘Elected president for student body for 2014/2015 school year’

Don’t forget to include your soft and also hard skills. In case you don’t know it, hard skills referring to the specific skills needed for the job, while the soft skills referring to the abilities that can be applied to any fields or positions. By consulting the high school resume template, you can come up with the outstanding result.

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