A Guide to Financial Agreement Letter with its Sample

When two parties, or more, are having an agreement in terms of financial matter, there must be a formal document as the evidence of agreement. It is called Financial Agreement Letter. The letter can be as a guideline of the agreement between two parties such as the amount of money need to be paid or any requirements regarding the payment. As financial can be an important matter, the agreement must be written as clear as possible and can be understood by all parties involved.

Who Needs a Financial Agreement Letter?

Basically, everyone can need it. As long as there are two parties who have the transaction and they need some kinds of agreement to make the situation clear, a financial agreement letter can be issued as a guideline. Mostly, it is between an insurance company and customers. It can also between bank and customers, doctors and patients and even agreement letter can be used between families, relatives and friends. Usually, the agreement letter will be discussed in the before the agreement happens and later it will be signed by the involved parties.

How to Write a Financial Agreement Letter?

The content of a financial agreement letter must be clear and detailed. All the needed information has to be listed, such as the payment amount, the requirements, the certain condition if there is any. The purpose is to avoid the ambiguous situation during the agreement.

Sample Letter of Financial Agreement

The sample financial agreement letter below is done between an insurance company and the customer. The company is informing the customer about the payment amount and the responsibilities that needs to be carried out.

Dear Mrs. Andrea,

I am sending this letter to inform you about the financial agreement between Stay Healthy Insurance Company and Andrea Gulnar as a customer. Please review the information that we provide and sign the letter if you agree with all the conditions.

Agreement Terms with Stay Healthy Insurance Company:

I, Andrea Gulnar as the customer, fully understand that I enroll to the Stay Healthy Insurance Company and I am obliged to pay the amount of insurance money regularly. If there is any medical treatment that I received outside the payment coverage from the company, I would be responsible for the payment myself.

I, Andrea Gulnar, agree to pay $600 in the first visit as the down payment. For the following months, I would pay $150 each month or $38 each week. I am able to choose which payment method I can do for the next 6 months. If I want to change the payment method after 6 months, I would contact the company to update the data.

Stay Healthy Insurance company will cover several medical treatments as the detailed information sent with this letter. The insurance I am joining is responsible only for my personal medication, not for someone else. I understand the conditions offered by the Stay Healthy Insurance Company and I would be responsible for the payment insurance.

With this letter, I agree to the financial agreement above.


Stay Healthy                                                                                           Andrea Gulnar

Stay Healthy Insurance Company                                                      Customer

This is the one sample of a financial agreement letter that can be used as the reference. We hope this gives you insight of how the letter works and is written.


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