Familiarize Yourself with a New Employee Announcement Letter

Have you ever got the letter from the higher authority at your workplace about the new person joining the office? Yes, that is one way to introduce a new employee, usually hired by the manager or the one with the authority, to everyone in the office. This typical new employee announcement letter is usually sent by the hiring person and it is intended to ask everyone to welcome the new person.

Announcing the New Employee

In writing a new employee announcement letter, there are things to take into some considerations. The letter itself is a more like a memorandum rather than the official actual letter. The intention is stated right in the beginning of the letter and the tone must be positive. It announces the role of the new employee in the office. Later, the detailed qualifications of the new employee are explained so that it can be the main reason why the employer chooses him/her. The letter ends with the positive closing asking all employees to welcome and work together with the employee.

Sample of New Employee Announcement Letter

A new German teacher has been hired in a language institution. The manager discloses the decision to all teachers by sending the new employee announcement letter. Here is a sample that can be as the reference.

From: Robert Andrew, Manager of Language Master Institution

To: All teachers in Language Master Institution

Subject: Mr. Paul as a new German teacher


I am pleased to announce the new German teacher position in our institution, Language Master, is filled. He is Mr. Paul, and he will be joining with us on August 6, 2019 to replace the position of Frau Dina. He is a native German speaker and has a long list of experience which can bring a new positive atmosphere to the institution.

Mr. Paul has been a teacher in few schools and private language institution in German for nearly 7 years. He has dealt with many students in different levels, starting from young learners to adults. I believe Mr. Paul will have adapt quickly with our students who are mostly teenagers and adults. He was also chosen as The Best Teacher in his workplace because of his excellence and dedication in teaching the students.

Aside from his experience, Mr. Paul earned his master’s degreefrom a reputable university in German and he was majoring inDeutsch, which is in line with the major he is teaching right now. Once, he had been chosen to be an official translator for the national event.

I believe with the dedication and ability that Mr. Paul has, he becomes the best candidate to continue the hard work that Frau Dina has put so far. I hope everyone can cooperate and welcome him to be one of the teachers in this institution.

With Best Regards,


Robert Andrew

So, do you have better idea now after reading the sample of new employee announcement letter? We hope this article can help you in understanding more about this specific announcement letter.



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