Submitting a Retirement Resignation Letter

There are times employees decide to retire after working for a long time. The reasons can be various, moving to another city, getting another job or simply want to retire. The last option seems to be done mostly by someone who has been spending a long work period and they decide to retire with a reason such as the health reason or so on.  When retiring, an employee must go through a proper process by letting the employer know and submitting a retirement resignation letter. In this article, you will read more about what that is and how could the terms retirement and resignation be used at once.

Resignation or Retirement Letter?

Each term usually stands on its own but when an employee is leaving the job early not to move to another company or get another job but to stop working for good, that is when they need to submit the retirement resignation letter. It is basically the same as a resignation, but the reason is to retire. The reasons can be many, to focus to the family, to take care of oneself, or maybe to travel. No matter what the reason is, the employee needs to give notice to the company depends on their position at work. The higher their work position is, the earlier they need to tell the company. At last, they need to write a formal resignation letter.

Writing a Retirement Resignation Letter

In writing a retirement resignation letter, the employee starts with stating the intention and is followed by the reason which is to retire. The mention of the last day of working is up next and complete with the gratitude of the chance to work in the company. Writing some positive experience that the employee has during his/her career in the company will be welcome.

Sample of Resignation Letter for Retirement

Below is the sample of retirement resignation letter written by an employee who decides to have early retirement because she is focusing on her family.

Dear Mr. Alex,

I am writing this letter to inform you about my resignation from Bright Ahead Company due to my retirement. My last day at work will be on June 7, 2018 so please accept this as a three-week notice to the company. Joining this company has always been my dream since I was studying in the university and I am so proud that I can join the company for real.

I have met many great people that I respect and amazing colleagues by working here and I learn a lot about being a discipline, responsible and hardworking employee. I enjoy my time during my working with Bright Ahead company. However, after my new twins were born, it is hard to handle everything at the same time. I have tried my best to go back to work for a month before finally I realized that my family needs me more. I would help the company to go through smooth transition before my leaving. Please feel free to contact me on my phone number at 111-121-222-333 if there are further questions that needs to be discussed. Once again, I thank you for the chance and I wish the bright future indeed for the Bright Ahead company.




Joanna Kim

After reading the retirement resignation letter above, we hope you have no difficulty in writing your resignation letter. Also, we wish you the best time after your retirement.


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