A Guide to Phone Interview Letter and its Sample Letter

Aside from the usual face-to-face interview, phone interview is common to be used tohire the employee. After the applicant submits the cover letter and resume, some companies decide to send the phone interview letter to the applicants as a response that the applicant is going through the next progress. This kind of interview is getting popular amidst the pandemic where everyone is suggested to keep the distance. It is effective and efficient, as well as faster and safer.

How to Know if the Phone Interview Goes Well

Some people might think that phone interview does not always end well. While in fact, some employees do get hired from this kind of interview. So, don’t lose hope. You just need to know the signs whether you are doing great during the phone interview or not. The most obvious sign is the employer suggests that you will be meeting them again for face-to-face interview. Next, you are doing well if you can ask good questions about the company when you are given the chance. Do some research before the interview so you can have ideas of what to ask. The last is if the employer listens attentively to your answers. If they ‘abandon’ the script and focus on responding to your answers, that is another good sign.

What is Included in a Phone Interview Letter?

If you are not in the employee side but rather plays the employer role, there are some things you need to remember when writing a phone interview letter. First, address the person you are going to interview in the letter and tell them that you have received their resume well. Follow with the invitation of phone interview and provide the available time to conduct that. Ask the employee to confirm the interview time and give your contact number as the additional information.

Sample of Phone Interview Letter

Below is the sample of phone interview letter sent by an employer to an applicant who handed in the resume to the company. The employer is interested in doing the phone interview because of the experience and achievement of the applicant in her previous job.

Dear Ms. Sabrina,

I have received your resume as an assistant manager on June 13, 2015 and I have to say that I am impressed with your achievement. Thus, this letter acts as the response letter to invite you to a phone interview with our company, DEF Insurance Company. As I have read in your resume, you have been an assistant manager in the previous company for five years and you have great achievement and a long list of experience. You show your dedication at work and I believe you can be a good fit in our company.

I would be available for the phone interview on June 25, 2015 at 9.00-11.00 and 15.00-16.30. You may choose one of the times above and please confirm your attendance by sending an email at DEFInsurance@companyemail.com.  I would appreciate confirmation as soon as possible since we plan to fill the assistant manager soon. If you have other question, please send me an email at dave1@email.com. Hope to hear from you soon.



Dave Roger

This is the sample of phone interview letter that we hope can be as a reference of how to write it. In doing so, you can also write in more detail by talking a bit about the reason why you choose to proceed the applicant’s resume.

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