All about Rental Agreement Termination Letter: Tips, Contents, and Sample

You have to move from your recent apartment because your boss wants to transfer you outside of your state? You have divorced your wife so you have to move out? Do you want to end your lease contract early before the due date? You can actually do that, but first of all, you should write a rental agreement termination letter.


Things You Have To Concern Before Making A Rental Agreement Termination Letter:

Reread your contract

Find your contract paper. Read it again, and see if there is any condition if you end your contract early. Is there any penalty cost? Do you still have to pay for a full month? Or you can just pay half of it? Or is there any condition that can be a benefit for both parties like searching for a new tenant before you move out? You can discuss it with your landlord beforehand. Make sure that your decision does not cost any loss for both of you.

Notify your landlord as fast as possible

Send your rental agreement termination letter as fast as you can after deciding it. The faster you inform them about the termination, the better. It will help them cover their loss and find a new tenant. If it is possible, you can help them to promote them to your friends. Who knows they will give you a discount.

Make sure everything is okay before you move or give their things back

Make sure that you did not break their properties. If you did, repair them. It is for a matter of respect. If you respect their properties, they will also respect you. Appreciate them by saying thanks for their service.

Contents Of A Good Lease Termination Letter:

  1. The date you write your letter
  2. Your landlord’s name and address
  3. Proper salutation
  4. The purpose of the letter
  5. The reason why you terminate the contract
  6. The date you end the contract
  7. Your contact information
  8. Your name, signature, and address

A Good Sample Of A Rental Agreement Termination Letter:

Monday, March 21, 2021

Mr. Jack Longmann

5674 Bennington Street

Boston Massachusetts 02115

Subject: Lease Termination


Dear Mr. Longmann,

I write this letter to inform you that I want to end my contract with apartment no. 123 at Bennington Street earlier than the termination date supposed to be. I always feel comfortable in your apartment. It is like my own home, and it feels so sad that I have to leave.

My recent company wants me to move to another state, so before April 12, 2021, I will empty my apartment and give the key to you. According to the lease contract, I will give you half of the year’s rent. I have already scheduled a moving service to deliver my furniture on April 10, 2021. You may come to inspect the apartment if you are willing.

I feel satisfied with the service you gave for these three years. If there is something that I can help to promote your apartment, feel free to inform me. You may call me at (999) 999-9999 or send me an email at


Yours sincerely,


Stuart Jr.

5675 Brookline Avenue

Boston Massachusetts 02115

Think about it carefully before you decided to make a good lease termination letter. Hope the information about rental agreement termination letter above can be useful to you. Good luck!


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