20+ Timeline Template and How It Can Help You

You probably ask yourself, “Why would I need a timeline template?” Whereas most people think that timeline is only needed during a project or such thing alike, you can make use of it for any activity in your daily life. So, how do you manage such a thing?

Understanding Timeline

A timeline will provide information about the important elements in the project or the job. It includes details about the involved parties, the responsibilities within a certain time period, and such thing alike. If you are making a professional timeline, it is possible that it includes payment period too. If you are making a timeline for your daily activity, it may include the details of the job (probably in the list points).

There are some benefits of having the timeline.

  • It provides the detailed information of the task and also the participants.
  • It describes the time period of each execution. For instance, a week for planning and brainstorming, and then the next 2 weeks will be dedicated for the initial work, and another 2 weeks for the follow-up work.
  • It provides the details of everyone responsible for each task. Basically, everyone knows their own responsibility. If you already have the timeline, there shouldn’t be any excuse like ‘I don’t know what to do’
  • The timeline helps break down the bulk of tasks and works. If you have to create one for your daily activity, you can input the details of each job to make the flow simpler and easier to implement
  • Most of the timelines are flexible so you can easily tweak it and adjust it to your needs.

How to Make a Timeline

If you don’t really like the idea of using the timeline template, here are the stages in making your own timeline:

  • There are some options, including methods and media, to create the timeline. Whether you want to use the Word or the Excel (or even other applications), it is up to you.
  • The easiest way is to create a line with points along it. Those points will contain each important execution
  • Whether you want to include the details of each point, it’s up to you. But make sure that you start from the general ones and then narrow it down.

The important elements that should be included within the timeline:

  • Be open. Even with the most basic and plain timeline template, you can include the details of the work as well as each participant’s role and job
  • Be detailed. Be sure to be very detailed and specific in the direct and short manner.
  • Be logical. Adjust the work with each member’s ability and skill. Don’t expect too high. Be logical and use your common sense. There is no use of planning everything too high that it won’t be able to reach by anyone, even by the member of the team

In the end, making the timeline can be simple and easy, but you also need to use your wit and brain. Expecting too much will only lead to failure or obstruction, and you definitely don’t want that in your professional outcome. If you are still confuse of how to create a functional timeline, use the timeline template for your guide.

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