All about Administrative Leave Letter and Its Sample

When there is an allegation of misconduct to an employee, student, parent, co-worker, or officer, you need to do an investigation. While running the process, you need to make your employee leave the institution for a while. To let them know about this, you should write an administrative leave letter.


Does administrative leave mean that you did a bad job?

The answer is 50:50. You might have done something terrible which made you got an allegation of misconduct. Yet the allegation does not always mean that it is true. The thing is, when you get an administrative leave, the institution you are working at has faith in you so they conduct an investigation to prove what is the truth regarding the issue that happened.

Does get an administration leave mean you will be paid as your normal salary?

Depends on the institution you are working to. Most of them will pay you the same amount you usually get. You will know about it from the content of the administrative leave letter.

Can you work during your leave?

Most institutions would not let you work during your absence. It is because they do not want anyone to be suspicious about them, so they can investigate the issue professionally. Some of them may let you work from home or hire someone to replace you and you may assist them during the time of the investigation.

What are the Contents of a Good Administrative Leave Letter?

Here are the basic contents of a letter of administration leave:

  1. Salutation
  2. The purpose of the letter
  3. The date the administrative leave will be effective
  4. The date the administrative leave will be over (optional)
  5. Contact information
  6. The need for assistance (optional)
  7. Thanking for the cooperation
  8. Signature
  9. Your name and position

A Simple Reference of Letter about Administrative Leave

This is an example of an administrative leave letter sent to a teacher on a paid administrative leave. The date of the administration leave is stated clearly, but she does not explain the duration of the absence. When that happens, the writer should say that he/she will inform them about it. This letter also forbids the assistance of the recipient in any form.


Dear Mr. Mike,

You are placed on administration leave from your duties as a teacher at Winston School effective on February 1, 2021. You will be paid during your leave until we had the outcome of the investigation. We will notify you about the duration and the outcome.

During your administration leave, we request you not to attend or participate in any activities taken place at Winston School.

Please contact us at (666) 666-6666 if you have any questions about this matter. We appreciate your cooperation about this matter.

Yours sincerely,


Mrs. Samantha Bright

Human Resources Department


That is all you need to know about what, why, and how to make an administrative leave letter. Hope that it can solve your problem. Good luck!


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