15+ Sad Emoji Template, Emojis Development and Appropriate Usage

Among the many types of emojis being used in chat lines and conversations, sad emoji is one of the most popular. Happy, sad, and laugh emojis are the most usable types of emojis often used in the digital conversations. That’s why more and more people are interested in having the template. Right now, the use of emoji has developed and it has been even used in formal documents. Such a thing has caused a controversy – some people say it’s okay while some disagree. So, how should you stand in such a debate?

The Popularity of Emojis

Let’s face it, we are living in the modern era where chatting lines and written forms have become so common. Text messages, social medias, and chat lines are mostly using written form. The emojis are liked because it represents our facial features. When you are writing, there is a lack of emotion in this type of communication. When the emoji was created and used, it is considered enough to make the written communication more humane and alive. And among the many popular emojis, the sad emoji is one of the most used one.

The Different Types of Emojis

You probably think that you can always download the emoji collections or templates and use them. The process to find them and then download them is pretty easy, but do you know that there are different kinds of formats and shapes, depending on the type of devices you are using? The sad face on Google Windows is different from Samsung Galaxy S7. On Apple iOS, the emojis are different from Twemoji Twitter.

How to Use the Emojis

Although the emojis are mostly used in conversations in chatting lines, the use has developed to printed documents. Some newspapers have even used the emojis on the headlines – sad emoji is used for sad news while happy face is used for positive news. Some people argue that the use of emoji to printed paper isn’t right because it creates a bias in the readers’ opinion. Not to mention that the emojis are supposed to be used for casual use – not formal one.

So, how do you properly use the emojis?

  • When you are chatting with your friends or family members that are close to you. Avoid using the emojis for far relatives or your boss. No matter how close your relationship with your boss, they are still your boss.
  • In a formal email. Whether you are corresponding to other business partners or with other colleagues, you are still in the professional setting. The emojis are supposed to be used in casual situation with friends or people that are considered ‘equal’ to you. No matter how much you want to express yourself, the written words alone will be enough. Ditch the emojis.
  • When expressing condolences or grief. This is the situation where the emojis are no-no. When you want to break up with someone, don’t use the emojis. If you are thinking about using the sad emoji, it would be highly considered inappropriate and bordering impolite.

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