4+ Sample Resignation Letter and How to Compose a Professional Letter

Using the sample resignation letter can help you create and manage a professional written document that maintains your dignity and positive reputation. When you are going to leave the company, it is always a good idea to leave a positive mark. Composing a professional and elegant resignation letter can be one of it.

The Function of a Resignation Letter

The letter is an official written document from an employee to their employer, informing the employer that they won’t be working in the company anymore within a certain period of time. You can say that it is an official written form to quit. What’s the purpose of sending the resignation letter, anyway? First, it provides an official notice. Second, it contains details about the last day of the employee. Third, it contains the next steps to the official day of quitting. And lastly, it will maintain good relationship with the company as well as maintaining the credibility (and reputation) of the employee.

You can always say ‘I quit’ any time to your employer, but it won’t be so much elegant, right? Not to mention that such an abrupt action will only create confusion to the overall structure of the company. It creates chaos in the work flow and it will create confusion to other departments, including finance, tax, and human resource. You can also be sure that you will only gain bad reputation if you ever do this.

Tips in Writing the Letter

If you take a look at the sample resignation letter, there are some important basic elements and keys that you need to include in your letter:

  • Don’t beat around the bushes. You need to be direct and maintain to the point element. If it is possible, state the information about your quitting in the first paragraph. If you can do it in the first sentence, it would be a wise move.
  • Provide information about your last day. Mention the last day that you will continue working. You can say, “My last day will be March, 30th 2017, which will be 10 days from now.”
  • Be professional. If you want to maintain a positive reputation, avoid criticizing, insulting, or complaining the company as well as other employees. Any bad beef that you had with any of them shouldn’t be included within the letter.
  • Offer your help about the transition. Whether it is about completing a project or your load of responsibility, or working on your documents or administration, or training the new worker as your replacement, this gesture will be considered positive and highly appreciated.


It is crucial to check and proofread your letter. Typos will make yourself look less professional. Even if you have consulted the sample resignation letter, there is no guarantee that you won’t be making any small errors. After all, you want to look professional, right? If it is possible, and you think it is necessary, consult legal advice. But this depends on your position in the company and the predicted outcome of the resignation nature.

It may not be easy to resign, especially from the company where you have spent most of your years. Hopefully, the sample resignation letter will make the process easier so you can worry about other elements.

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