3+ Fake Pay Stub Template


Can You Notice the Fake Pay Stub Template Sample?


There are many reasons to use the fake pay stub template sample. If you ever found it, perhaps, the ideas in this article can be the background s/he did it.

A pay stub template is used to give detailed information about the paycheck of the employees. This kind of model can be found fake in many cases. There are many reasons why they use the fake pay stub template sample. You will know better about it here.


Fake Pay Stub Template Sample

The fake pay stub template sample is not entirely different from the real one at a glance. It consists of the information about the company such as name, address, details of payment, and the employee information like the name, ID number even the social security knowledge.

But, when you look deeper and analyze it, there are differences you can notice between the fake and the real pay stub. There are reasons as the background people use fake pay stubs.

1. Why people make fake pay stub template sample

  • Get the Loan

The most common reason why people make this kind of template is that they try to get a loan. Since the lenders want their money back, they have to be sure that they lend the money to the correct persons.


These persons are people who have much income every month. Because of that, many people make this template to increase the sum of money in their pay stubs.


  • Try to Scam

When someone tries to scam an insurance company, they can create a fake pay stub template sample. 


  • Employers make this template either

There are many reasons why employers do it. The possible reason is they don’t pay taxes as they have to. The way to finish it is to make a fake pay stub template. Another reason is they run an illegal operation, which forces them to make the fake one.


2. Check the Real and the Fake pay stub template sample

  • Check the necessary information: there is a possibility to get a missed detail information or forget to replace the generic text.
  • Check the digit and decimals of the numbers of income: usually, the fake is made by MS. Word. You need to check whether the digit and decimal are lined up or not. If they are not, it can be fake.
  • You can look for the discrepancies in numbers and formatting, and check the overall quality.


Now, you can check whether your pay stub is from the fake pay stub template sample. Look at it in-depth to know it better.



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