10+ Banking Resume Template


Banking Resume Template to Ease You in Writing Professional Paper

The banking resume template can be a helper for those who want to join the bank management as a new employee. Well, for those who have some skills that are needed by the management, joining the bank is a good idea to continue your career.

By using a template, of course, you could write a well-designed resume. Something that you need to know, a resume will be the first read document by the management, so it will influence the result of the recruitment process.

Here, we will talk to you about the professional banking resume and what to be known about it. For those who are curious about the detailed resume, please read the following writings below.

Sample of Banking Resume

Here, we have a simple sample of a banking resume that you may need. The simple sample here can be a good reference. By considering the sample, we are sure that you could write a better resume easily.

Read the following sample below.

Andrew Flores

San Diego, CA | (123) 181-0018 | Andrew.flores@email.com

Personal Summary

A high-dedicated, organized, and charismatic banker with 10 years of experience anticipating the needs of customers and bringing in millions of dollars in the whole assets. Dedicated to superior and special customer service and the management of the relationship.


The State University of Hawaii Western

Master of Business Administration

August 2002 – May 2004

Working Experience

Ocean Blue Tech, Investment Banker

July 2019 – current

  • Provide excellent customer service to maintain the whole relationships with the customers
  • Add a better asset in a year as the result of goals reached
  • Maintain the working knowledge of the different products and lending the best services to meet the needs of the clients
  • Keep the best performance in handling the needs of the customers
  • Assist the other team to reach the whole goals and targets from the management
  • Reviewing the target and find the new strategies to reach it

Jenkins Tech, Banker

  • Collaborate with the member of the team to develop the best sales technique
  • Increase the target of the sales up to 70%
  • Increase the productivity of the tea
  • Led the addition of the major account
  • Assist the other team and manager as it is needed


  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • Time management
  • Detailed oriented
  • Deadline handler
  • Good management
  • Communication skills

Well, it is a sample of the professional banking resume that you may follow. You could follow the detailed arrangement as a sample in writing your professional resume.

How to Make Banking Resume

Since a resume is an important document, you also need to know the steps to make the resume. Here, we have some steps that you may follow to create a professional resume.

The steps to follow are:

What are the basic skills that a candidate of banking needs to have?

A professional banking candidate needs to have some basic skills, so they could handle some different responsibilities as the duties. The basic skills that they need to have are:

  • Attention to detail
  • Receiving and processing banking skills
  • Strong skills in mathematics
  • Ledger balancing
  • Balance allocation
  • Cash drawer maintenance
  • Loan processing

What are tips to be applied in writing a professional resume?

To write a professional resume, there are some tips that you may apply. The tips are:

  • Keep the profile inside the resume concise and short
  • Include the skills that relevant to the job
  • Write kinds of achievements that relevant to the job
  • Make an easy to read resume
  • Use active words

What are the responsibilities of a person in the bank?

Banking has some responsibilities in running their duties. The responsibilities of  banking are:

  • Help the whole customers open up checking and saving their account
  • Assist the clients in opening a new credit
  • Maintain the accounts of the customers
  • Refer the customers to get the best services from the financial specialists
  • Resolve the credit and debt issues

Kinds of Banking Resume Template

Using a professional banking resume template is a good idea to ease you in writing your resume as preparation for facing the recruitment process. By using a template, you will know what information that should be added to a professional resume.

Here, we have some templates of a resume that could be your reference. The kinds of templates are:

Business Banking Relationship Manager Resume Template

This template can be used for those who want to be a new manager in handling the banking relationship. By using this template, you could highlight the detailed capabilities, so a chance to be selected as a new candidate will be bigger.

Banking Resume Template for Fresher

For the fresh graduate and want to join the bank management in starting the career, this template can be the helper to introduce yourself. By using this template, showing the personal information and highlighting some capabilities will be easier.

Creative Banking Resume Template

Do you want to write a creative banking resume with an interesting design? This template can be your answer. By using this template, you will see a professional template with an interesting design to increase resume readability.

Professional Banking Resume Template

As a professional, getting a chance at new banking will be easier. However, you need to write your professional resume first, especially to highlight your achievements and skills. Just follow this template and you could have space to explore your capabilities.

Entry Level Banking Resume Template

As an entry-level, it is very challenging to join the bank management. However, by this template, you will have a better chance. This template will ease you to highlight the kinds of capabilities that you have although there is no experience.

Well, that is all about the banking resume that you need to know. Get the banking resume template to ease you in writing it. However, do not forget to proofread the whole document before printing to avoid some mistakes.

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