How To Write A Professional Contract Acceptance Letter?

The best thing in business is when you get offers from other companies to do business together. If you are interested in doing business together, all you need to do is write a contract acceptance letter. If you are confused about how to get started, you can notice our simple explanation and example in this article, so you would have a new idea.


How To Write An Acceptance Letter?

To write an acceptance letter, you can start drafting. Write your letter in three paragraphs using simple and clear sentences. Use the company letterhead and logo, make sure you choose the correct grammar and spelling. You can proofread the letter before sending it.

In a contract acceptance letter, you also need to write the date and signature. Since the letter is a letter for a business contract, you must state the agreement regarding the offer to discuss further business matters.

What Should I Include In My Acceptance Letter?

If you are unsure about which elements to include in your business letter, some of the aspects we will describe below may help you:

Reasons for Proposal Approval

You can reveal the reasons why you agreed to the proposal offered. Usually, there are expectations and compliments that you must write, like your hope about the business with the potential partners can grow in the future.

Form of cooperation

You need to briefly explain the form of cooperation that you will do. Besides, state your agreement followed by the contact information if potential partners wish to contact you further.


Write an elegant and professional closing that reveals that you can’t wait to look forward to doing business together. Don’t forget to include your name and signature at the end of the letter.

Apart from paying attention to some of the elements above, you also need to underline things like:

  • Write an appropriate title.
  • Thank you for your potential business partners who invite you to do business together.
  • Restate the terms and job offers, so your potential business partner knows that you understand the point.

Contract Acceptance Letter Sample

To write an acceptance letter, you can notice our brief sample below:

Dear Mr. Charles,

I am very happy to inform you that we at an Elegant and Classy Clothing Store are willing to accept the contract given by XYZ Wholesale Center to become a supplier of our fabrics and clothing materials. We appreciate your company’s reputation and believe that this partnership will have a positive impact on the business development of Elegant and Classy Clothing Store with XYZ Wholesale Center. We have also agreed to the terms and conditions that you wrote in the contract and can’t wait to implement them immediately.

We have attached a copy of the contract to this letter. Please contact me at (777)-7777-777 to have a further discussion about this business.

Thank you for your offer in doing this partnership. We hope Elegant and Classy Clothing Store with XYZ Wholesale Center will be more successful and always be able to serve the community well.



Melissa Deborah


Elegant and Classy Clothing Store

Concisely, you must pay close attention to the important aspects before writing a contract acceptance letter, so you can result in an elegant and professional format.


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