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Nursing Resume Template to Be Part of Medical Profession

Health will be a never ending concern for as long as we live. At some point in our life, we might catch an illness or two. This happens simply to anyone. That is why medical profession is always high in demand. If you want to be part of it, you will need nursing resume template to get you the position.

You can use readymade option, though writing it yourself is not impossibility either. Either way, we will guide you through the making. Of course, we have sample prepared for better picture of the template. There will be options to choose one from as well. Let’s get down to it in this opportunity.

Sample of Nursing Resume Template

Here is the sample to inspire you writing resume to apply for nurse position. Take a good look below.

Rena Stevanna

Personal Info

                Phone   : (555) 230-100-177

Email     : stevanna_rena@yahoo.com


Motivated job seeker who pursues medical profession and contributes in the need of nursing for those in need. Looking for opportunity to work as one at ABC Baltimore Hospital in Maryland. With high GPA and top scores in the field to offer, ready to work upon the call.


Nurse Assistant

XYZ Local Baltimore Clinic


  • Provide patients with basic physical assistance
  • Make sure patients eat their dietary needs
  • Record patients’ vital signs

Nurse Aide

AAA County Clinic


  • Support patients in medical facility
  • Feed the patients
  • Assist the nurses in duty

Nurse Apprentice

ABC Health Facility


  • Provide daily patient care
  • Change patients’ bed linens
  • Transport patients from place to place


Baltimore Medical University

Baltimore, Maryland


GPA:  3.9

Relevant Coursework: Medical Facility Administrative, Daily Care for the Sick

Expected Graduation: 2014

Membership: BMU Social Volunteer


Key Skills

  • Excellent Teamwork
  • Decent Communication
  • Good Work Ethic
  • Multitasking


  • Top-Scored BMU Graduate in 2014
  • Best Volunteer of the Year in 2013-2014


  • English
  • French

How to Write Nursing Resume Template

Nursing job resume is not that much different from any other resumes, format speaking. However, there is always order to everything. How you write your resume might determine your chance of getting the job for yourself. Worry not. We have procedure listed below for you to properly follow.

  • Put your personal info
  • Briefly describe your objective
  • Provide experience and education background
  • Include skills, awards, and language to add

People also ask

How to Choose or Make the Best Nursing Resume?

After you learn the procedure, you may start with your resume. Before writing one however, one thing you must do is to determine what your needs are. The best nursing resume is one that meets those needs the most. Without them in mind, you have none to guide through the resume making.

What Makes the Best Nursing Resume?

There are few nurse resume qualifications that is easily overlooked for one to be considered best made than any others. Pay proper attention to them and you will see the difference. The better you write your resume, the more the chance to get the job. So, it’s definitely worth giving a try yourself.

  • Neatness for the best looking writing
  • Organization to deliver message in proper order
  • Specificity to be clear and straight to the point

What Tips to Consider for Writing Nursing Resume?

  • Avoid making generalized resume
  • Do employ structure
  • Write as if making personal advertisement
  • Highlight all that of importance

Kinds of Nursing Resume Template

Depending on the job applicant, there could be the best kind suited for him. Nursing resume kinds vary by much. In order to make the right choice, you will have to learn all those kinds beforehand. Different kind is specifically meant for different thing after all. So we have them listed to read below.

Nursing Resume Template for Fresh Graduate

Even fresh graduate has the chance to apply for nursing job. This kind however, is more descriptive like, than point by point. You use first person point of view as you tell your resume objective. It is a bit longer but simple at the same time. Its simplicity makes the best choice for starters to start with.

Nursing Assistant Resume Template

If it is impossible for you to aim straight for the nurse position, you can just settle with assistant seat for the time being. This kind has its template more organized, so it looks neat. Everything’s described briefly, leaving the objective more descriptive alone. Even so, it shouldn’t go beyond 3 lines at most.

Travel Nursing Resume Template

For those interested in offering medical service from place to place, this is the right resume kind for you. Its format is basically the same with others of its kind. It is just that you must be willing to work from one location to another and be ready at any time to attend to duty. Use it to apply for the job.

ICU Nursing Resume Template

There are all sorts of position to apply for nurse job. ICU nurse is one of the kinds. As the name suggests, your job will involve around and inside ICU. In its resume format, you enlist your qualifications point by point than describing, making it short yet still informative at the same time.

Registered Nurse Resume Template

If you are aiming to become nurse someday, you must have taken step ahead by taking a nursing program. Graduating from such program makes you one with knowledge and skill to care for patients. You often have more chance to get the job as one. Use this job resume to apply for one.

We have reached the end of this article. What do you think about nursing resume template? Isn’t it easy to make? To be part of medical profession, you need professionally made resume to land you the job. Those resume templates above are more than enough to help. Choose one and use it then.

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