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Acting Resume Template for landing the first job

When you want to be an actress or actor, you need to have something that will impress the people about you. To show your quality, you need to write an acting resume template. This template will be useful because it will show your quality about your quality without any difficulties.

The acting resume template idea will help the people to know about your experience and the capabilities to be an actress or actor. The template will have the key to focus on the talents, traits, and skills you have and to emphasize what you can bring to the acting profession.

Sample of an acting resume template

To help you arrange this template, you can read the following example that will facilitate you writing the resume template.

Justin Larson

Personal Info

Phone : (555) -777-8887

Email: Justin56@Gmail.com


A motivated, committed, and talented actress with strong instincts and extensive formal training. Experience who had worked alongside renowned figures in both studio and independent film company setting. Energetic, prepared to go the extra mile, and sure to make a real difference to any project.


Films                                                       Name                                Character

  • Master film production               Gloomy                             Kean (2010)
  • Fuji Film                                          A day                                Mince (2010)
  • Left film                                           Time                                Natalie (2010)


  • Rome Juliet
  • Mice and Men


University of California

BA Acting, 2005 – 2009.

Relevant coursework 

  • Acting workshop
  • Vocal coach
  • Audition technique

Special skills and interest 

  • Great at improve and performing vocalist
  • Mountain biking
  • Guitar fishing


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Germany

How to write an acting resume template

If you want to arrange this acting resume template idea design, you need to pay attention to some ideas that will lead you to make it easier. Here are some steps to follow if you want to arrange this template.

  • You need to make reference any experience and you can make note of it including any type of performance not just acting
  • Highlight your skills set and consider adding a video component to an electronic resume that enables you to highlight the traits
  • Include the detailed education and training and make note of high-profile training or drama groups
  • Remember to describe the creativity of previous employment

People Also Ask 

What should be on an acting resume?

When you are arranging the acting resume template format, you need to include a headshot with a resume for actors or actresses. You also can add an actor experience description for a resume because acting will need adapting your skills to a certain role or character. It will be better to list the acting credits.

How do I make an acting resume with no experience?

The key to arrange this resume is that you need to focus on the talents, traits, and skills you have and emphasize what you can bring to the acting profession. Therefore, your resume will be great even if you have no experience to show to the readers your acting quality.

How do you format an actor resume?

Arranging this format is similar to an acting resume. You need to include the information relevant to the resume for the role. You also need to include the contact information, physical characteristic, and also format resume objective or summary. Including education, skills, and showcase any awards or accolades are also important.

The kinds of acting resume template

You will find many types of acting resume template designs. Moreover, you have to arrange your template suitable to your need to impress the readers about your acting qualities very well.

Acting Resume Template with no Experience 

When you arrange this resume for no experience, you only need to focus on your skills and capabilities. You have to ensure the recipient about your capabilities with some awards, skills, and even your education or relevant course to ensure the recipient.

Actor resume template 

It is like other acting resumes. You only need to make people impressed with your quality. If you have some experience in acting, you can include your film or theatrical performance to ensure that you have a good quality to act. If you have a special skill, you are also available to include it on the template.

Acting Resume Template example 

You should not take your acting resume lightly. The sample will guide you to arrange the proper template very well. it will show as much of an asset as your talents and your looks. Whether you are a beginner or you have been an actor for some time, the example will help you to get more roles.

Free acting resume template

The template will ensure you include your headshot along with your acting. The photograph will show a close-up of your face or your whole face along with your upper body. In this idea, you can include your most recent contact details that will give the reader a way of reaching out to you right away.

Acting theatrical resume template

In this idea, you can try to put any information such as the date of birth, your race, and your eye and hair color on your personal information. If your most recent experience was in theater, you can place all of your theater experience at the top and you can include your other experience like in television, film, or so forth.

Actress resume template

Just like an actor resume, this resume design should show the best quality of your acting. Moreover, you need to distinct the resume from an actor, especially for special skills. This idea will ensure the readers about the qualities. Education also will make your quality getting better because it will make you special.

Acting Resume Template Sample 

The sample will show that it will need a different format compared to normal resumes. The sample also will guide you in determining the information to include in the document. You also can include any type of performance that will help you to promote your poise and stage presence qualities.

The acting resume template will serve as your calling card s an actor along with the headshot. Therefore, you need to arrange this template properly to ensure your quality as well.





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