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Blank Resume Templates to land the first job

Most job seekers that either has no experience or experience, will look for sample or blank resume templates. It will help them to arrange the resume template without any difficulties. Moreover, although you have an idea about this resume, you also need to know the things to put on a resume to make it interest the readers.

You need to know that the blank resume template idea will provide a lot of space to describe your work history. Therefore, you need to make it perfect for mid-level job seekers with or without several years of experience. Here, you will find many templates that will make your resume awesome to read.

Sample of blank resume templates

To facilitate you arranging this resume, you can look at the following example. The sample is a clean blank resume that can be edited or customized suitable for your needs.

Your Name

Personal Info

Phone (666) 666 6666

Email: youremail@gamil.com

Your Street Address, City, State, ZIP Code


You can write two to four sentences or four to six bullet points detailing the key relevant skills, experience, and qualifications. You can write each one should contain numbers and also great resume action verb to ensure the recipient about your quality in the job.


Job Title

Company name, city, state/ August 20xx – present

  • The point about your relevant work duty or achievement
  • The point about your relevant work duty or achievement

Job title

Company name, City, State/ January 20xx – September 20xx

  • Bullet point of your relevant work duty or achievement
  • Bullet point of your relevant work duty or achievement


Degree Name/ Major

University, Location 20xx-20xx

Certification #1

Institution, Location

Certification #2

Institution, Location

Key Skills 

  • Hard skill 1
  • Soft skill 1
  • Hard skill 2
  • Soft skill 2


Award Received, organization, Year

How to write blank resume templates

Here are some of the ideas that will help you to create a blank resume template format. It will be useful to ensure your quality for the readers as well.

  • You can begin your template by selecting the proper format to make it impressive
  • You can use a diamond-based grading scale to show your proficiency level in the skills section
  • You can make the template into a two-column fill in resume to make it divides the resume into a clear-cut section
  • Make it unique with the combination of graphical elements

People Also Ask

What is the best resume format to use in 2020?

There are some parts to know on your resume to make your template impressive in 2020. Here are some ideas to know:

1) Keep your template simple and use clear section headings and make them stand with bold type

2) Spotlight the key skills and ensure the skills you list match the requirements in the job description and read it carefully to see that skills, programs, and keyword are mentioned

3) Out your latest experience first and recruiters still prefer the traditional reverse-chronological format

4) Break it down list out your responsibility and accomplishment in easy to skim bullet

5) Quantify your bullets and add numbers and results to your bullet points to show the impact you had in a role

What resume template is most successful?

1) Chronological format that will emphasize your work history section and you can list information about current and past jobs

2) Functional format and you need to concentrate on all the skills and training you have that fit the job rather than career experience

3) Combination format that will combine elements of both the chronological and functional format and you have a few years of experience in a particular field and are applying for a higher-level job

Kinds of blank resume templates

Many types of blank resume template designs can be followed. You can arrange it suitable with your job position as well and it will make successful recruitment.

The clean blank resume templates

This template will provide you a lot of space to describe your work history. This template will be perfect for mid-level job seekers with several years of experience. Besides, this template also will have plenty of room to list your skills, education, awards in the column on the left. You can resize them if you need more space for one of the sections.

Blank Resume Templates Sample 

You will need a sample of blank resume templates that will give you more information about the template. you should not worry about the format because the sample will guide you to write the resume and it will lead you to make the proper design without any difficulties.

The Penthouse Blank Resume Templates

The template will be a fill-in-the-blank resume template so that it is well-suited to describe your skills. The skill bar on this resume will allow you to show quickly the employers your relevant professional strength, communicate how strong you are in each skill.

Blank Resume Templates Form Word 

The template is available in Word. It means that you can edit the resume template suitable to your need in Word. This resume is also easy to edit and customize so that you can arrange it suitable for your need very well.

The Stylish Blank Resume Templates

The blank resume in this style will be especially easy to read. The small icons direct the hiring manager’s attention to the key section, making it easier for the job seekers to process than an all-text resume. This resume template also will allow the hiring manager have to flick through dozens of resumes and making your resume easier to scan in this way.

The classic 2.0 blank resume templates

This blank resume is one of the most conventional choices for you because it will show you the traditional company such as a law firm or a Wall Street business. The template also will provide space at the top of your core competencies where it is the most marketable skill and abilities for hiring.

Writing the resume with blank resume templates will help you very much to apply for any job. The resume will show everything to the recipient without any difficulties.




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