7+ Cover Letter Templates Basic Sections

Choosing the right cover letter templates can create a difference between landing the job that you have wanted and missed it – all out again. A cover letter is a written formal document that states your ability and qualification. A cover letter isn’t an experimental document where you can be humorous or wacky – in case you want to show that side of yours to the potential employers. As long as you go by the rules and you follow the direct ‘regulations’, you should be fine.

How to Write the Cover Letter

A professional cover letter should have the important 7 sections. That’s why it is often said as the 7 must have elements. To make it easier, the elements are divided into sections and each section will be divided again into sub sections. You should check the cover letter templates to get the ideas.

  • The first section should contain the contact details – both you and the potential employers. Write your name, address, phone, and email first, and then followed by the employer’s details, date, company address and phone number, and email.
  • The second section should be about the salutation or greeting. It would be just awesome if you can do a research and find out the name of the HRD and CEO. In this way, you can greet and start the letter with their names. But in case you have done the research and it comes up zero, you can always say “Dear Hiring Manager” than writing “To Whom It May Concern.” It’s just so lame.
  • The third section should be about your introduction. But don’t begin with ‘My name…”. remember, your contact info is already written at the beginning. You can be straightforward and write “I’m excited to be apply for [the position] which is open at [the company].” And then you can say the reasons why you are applying:
  • You have the skills for the position
  • You like the company
  • You think the opportunity is interesting
  • The fourth section contains the proof that you are the perfect candidate for the job. This is when you show your qualification. Based on the cover letter templates, show him/her 3 or 4 achievements that are important for your previous career
  • The fifth section contains conclusion, which should be:
  • Re-focusing on why you are interested in the job
  • Informing them that you are available for the interview, anytime
  • Thanking them for considering your application and reading the letter
  • The sixth section contains signing off. You can write ‘Best Regards’, ‘Cordially’, or ‘All the Best.’
  • The seventh section is actually the optional one, which you can include or not – depending on you. This section contains the P.S. which can draw the employer’s attention. For instance, you find out that you and him attended the same university or shared the same interest in sports. This section can be an interesting hook that makes yourself different from the others.

Keep in mind that including the P.S. isn’t something advisable in the professional setting because no formal documentation should contain such a thing. But then again, if you want to add a mix of formal-informal tone, the P.S. will be the perfect option. Go consult the cover letter templates and learn more to create a smooth outcome.

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