Guide To Make Job Abandonment Termination Letter With Its Example

An employee who does not report to work as scheduled causing the loss in productivity of the company department is called job abandonment. Generally, this action will become the ground to terminate the employees if they catch an unexcused absence. Then, the company may address a job abandonment termination letter to the employee who is unwilling to function in his/her position.


Is Job Abandonment The Same As Quitting?

Leaving a job normally done when the employee officially notifies the employer about his/her resignation either through a letter or directly face-to-face. Then, they can officially quit his/her job. But, when you reported not go to work without any information for a period of time that may be called job abandonment and it is totally different from quitting. In quitting there are no parties would be experiencing loss, while job abandonment is obviously a threat to the company productivity.

Can You Get Your Job Back After Job Abandonment?

Job abandonment means you are voluntarily leaving the job. And the company cannot arbitrarily terminate you within a specific time. Termination can be held if there is a “no-call-no-show” after three days of abandonment the employer can legally terminate the employees by addressing them with a letter. The terminated still has rights connected to the former employers, and also has benefit rights the same as the employees who voluntarily quit their jobs.

How To Write A Job Abandonment Termination Letter?

The letter should be written by the employer or the owner of the company which the content of the letter consists of factual information only regarding the case. Include the last information related to the employees’ paycheck. This letter begins with a statement of termination then followed by the compiled evidence of the employee who abandons the job.

A Job Abandonment Termination Letter‘s Example

Dear Ms. Pill,

This letter is to inform you that starting February 5, 2012 your employment with Global Services Management Inc. being terminated for a reason. Mr. Nick, your supervisory manager reports you have not checked in for 5 days, or you did not explain your absence. On February 2, February 3, and February 4, Mr. Nick tried to reach you at the contact number contained in your employee file but was unsuccessful. Due to all the mentioned above, we have decided that you have leaving your position.

Please contact me at (123)-1231234 to arrange for the return of all company property. We expect you to return your employee identification badge and all company documentation in your possession. Under company policy, you are not in the right to receive a severance package. Over the next week, you will receive a package by mail that contains the final paycheck and health coverage under COBRA, and your final salary will include payment for unused and accrued PTO days. If you have any further questions, please look after the contact or information listed within the packages.

We recognize that in unique and rare circumstances an employee may not be able to report to work or to notify the management. If you are feeling into this category, then you are welcome to hand in an appeal letter to the human resources office on a regular time. Understandably, you must provide documented evidence from a trusted and reliable source, such as medical records from a hospital accompanied by a statement from a doctor.


Ms. Hiccup Snail
HR Manager

At last, may this article can be a big help for you to understand this job abandonment termination letter. Feel free to customize the example if needed.



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