10+ Christmas Wish List PSD Template Free


Christmas Wish List Template Gives Your Children Truly Special Christmas

Using a Christmas wish list template, you can make this Christmas the best Christmas for your children. Children love to write a letter to Santa when Christmas gets near. They want to tell him that they have grown up, been behaving well, and done their chores diligently. With a letter or—more specifically—a wish list, they now want to receive some special gift as a reward. As their parent, you can prepare this wish list easily for them using a template.

How to Use the Template?

There is essentially nothing that you need to do to make your Christmas wish list template works. After you download it, the template is mostly ready to use without needing further modification. A wish list template is supposed to be blank with only some necessary elements so that your children can fill it. Therefore, all that you need to do is focusing on the design of the template and picking a template that is suitable for your wish list scenario. Read below.

Types of Christmas Whist List Template

There are several types of wish list templates that you can choose from depending on the whist list scenario that your children have to follow.

  1. Blank Wish List

A blank Christmas wish list template allows your children to write anything they want without certain setups and limitations. Your children can write a letter to Santa as long or as short as they like, put their favorite words and sentences in it, and immerse themselves in their imagination. What distinguishes a blank wish list template from a piece of paper is the Christmas-themed decorations that are added to the template.

  1. Table

A Christmas wish list template may also come in the form of a table. You can fill some of the table’s cells with certain questions, such as “what is your favorite toy,” “what movie you like the most,” etc. Your children can then fill the empty cells with their answers. This template is great if you want to know the best gift that your children love to receive when Christmas comes.

  1. Fill in the Blank

Fill in the blank or complete the sentence is another great Christmas wish list template for you to use. This wish list template usually has a piece of writing with some blank parts that your children must fill. Some sentence examples that it may include are “I am ___ years old now, and I have been behaving ___. What I love to receive this Christmas is___.”

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