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Dental Assistant Resume to land a job as a dental 

To be a dental assistant, you need to prove the capabilities and qualities to help a dentist well. Gaining this purpose, you need to arrange a dental assistant resume. This resume will help you to know the responsibility of administrative tasks in a dentist’s office that will ensure the recipient your capabilities as well.

Moreover, when you are arranging this dental assistant resume format, you need to consider it responsible for this job position. Those are checking in patients, taking a medical history, and so forth. Understanding the job responsibilities, an assistant is highly appreciative to do his/ her job with a dentist.

Example of dental assistant resume

Although many examples of this resume, you need to follow the proper sample that will lead you to arrange the proper template. Here is the best example that will lead you to arrange the best arrangement for a dental assistant.

John Thierry

Personal Info 

Phone: (666) – 778 – 8893

Email: thierryJohn435@gmail.com


Energetic, a team-oriented dental assistant with excellent interpersonal skills and attention to detail. Having more than 5 years of experience instructing patients, monitoring, and ordering supplies, and also keep office appointment calendar well.


Happy Clear Water

Dental Assistant, August 2018 – present

  • Patient intake for over 500 patients so far
  • Improving the relationship between supply vendors and office staff
  • Arrange inventory for office front desks

Clone & Venture

Dental Assistant, May 2015 – June 2018

  • Help more than 50 patients by giving them information on care options from the different procedures to the different choices
  • Handling filing and billing notices more than 100 patients
  • Scheduled appointment for regular and follow-up visits as well as emergency, optional, and also cosmetic procedures


Dental Assisting National Board (DANB)

Certified Dental Assistant (CDA), 2015

Key skills 

  • Interacting with customers, clients, or patients
  • Leadership or management roles
  • Administrative tasks
  • Specific computer or software skills
  • Instrument sterilization and oral health exams
  • Temporary filling and teeth cleaning
  • Calm under pressure


  • Germany
  • English

How to create a dental assistant resume

Writing this dental assistant resume idea is not too difficult if you understand this template well. There are some steps that will help you to arrange this template very well. The most important thing in arranging this template is that you need to put the most relevant information in the template just like:

  • Career objection that should catch the attention of whoever is in charge of hiring
  • Qualifications should include certification in your objective, restate them, and list the type of verification
  • Education should be listed especially when you have studied at dental assisting at a college or university
  • Professional experience should emphasize any skills that could be applied for a dental assistant position

People also ask 

What should a dental assistant put in their resume?

Arranging this dental assistant resume design properly is not difficult if you know the steps to arrange this template. Besides, the template also will be great if you can put some important information on the template properly. Here are some ideas that should be put on your resume to make it impressive.

1) Choose the perfect layout and you should know where to place what information

2) Select the proper format on your resume and do not make it look too big nor too small

3) Add the details by inserting all the required details such as your name, your career objective, relevant skills, and so forth

4) Qualification skills

5) Be creative to get more chances

How do you write a dental assistant resume with no experience?

However, if you are a newbie as a dental assistant or just finished college, you need to consider arranging this dental assistant resume format idea impressive. You can consider some ideas below to make your resume with no experience impressive to read.

1) Give the hiring manager a choice of how to contact you by including your name, city, and state

2) Think about and describe your accomplishment

3) Apply white space, bullet points, and table tool to build a reader-friendly document

4) Think about the employer as you choose with the information to include

5) Avoiding discussing your political views, religious affiliations, family information, and hobbies on a resume or controversial activities

The kinds of a dental assistant resume

Moreover, you also will find some types of this resume that will be suitable for your job position in any place well. The proper type of resume will give the best resume to read for the recipient as well. Here are some of the kinds of the resume.

Dental assistant resume in Word

This resume has attractive blue and gray layout to land you in a dental assistant position for sure. Besides, this resume also will highlight your qualifications and experience well. the most important for this resume is that it is very easy to edit and customize suitable to your requirement.

Dental assistant resume in PSD 

The template will contain great quality images and different artwork so that it will make your resume getting attractive. Moreover, this template will be simple at the same time. This resume is editable and printable so that it will facilitate you very much to arrange the proper template.

Entry-level dental assistant resume

Different from other resumes, this resume is very simple. This resume will help you to get all the major points covered in full detail. You can begin from a career objective followed by key strengths, education, and experience.

Student dental assistant resume

This resume is rather unique because it is unmarked for knowledge & personal skills when elaborate the pointers. You can mention the skills you have so that it will get easier for your employer to know what you know.

Pediatric dental assistant resume

The template is minimalist and it will just highlight your previous clinic and areas of work or expertise. This resume will be the ideal resume for you who want to focus on your experience for the employer.

With those ideas, arranging the dental assistant resume will not be difficult anymore. You need to focus on the type of your resume and also detail information to make it awesome to read.


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