Writing Zumba Instructor Cover Letter For Your Career Start

These days, to be healthy is important the before. Doing some exercises and moves proven to make your body healthy. Not only your body would be healthy, but also your finance. To make your body and finance healthy, you may opt to be a sports instructor, such as a Zumba instructor. Before you write your Zumba instructor cover letter, recognize several important information the Zumba instructor below.

Zumba Instructor’s Earnings

Currently, the needs of the Zumba Instructor are increasing more and more. People become more considerate of their health. Therefore, these job openings are increasing over time. Currently, the Zumba instructor’s average earning is $38,397 (for reference only). Therefore, this job is promising.

Zumba Instructor’s Responsibilities

  • Deliver Zumba classes, leads the move lessons for the members.
  • Prepare the class, including selecting the song, learning the choreography, and practicing.
  • Coming in an energetic manner to get the class ready. Giving positive energy to get started the class.
  • Ensure the people are safe and comfortable in your class. Ensure the class environment is safe for everyone, if necessary, set the position of the member in a mat or gym ball.
  • Getting the audio and supportive equipment ready before the class.

Once you are aware of the important details of the Zumba instructor position, you may write your own Zumba instructor cover letter. Below are the things you should include and the sample of the letter.

Zumba Instructor Cover Letter and its Sample

Your cover letter for the Zumba instructor should include several parts, such as opening, which comprises of your expression of interest in the position and its brief reason. Tell your experience, certificates you have, your skills and abilities in the letter body, while putting your contact details and salutation in the closing section. Here a sample of the Zumba instructor cover letter to give you more knowledge about how to write it appropriately.

Dear Ms. Dianne Hwang

I am very enthusiastic about Zumba instructor openings in the DH Fitness Home and I hope you would consider me as the perfect-suit candidate.

I believe my experience in practicing Zumba for 2 years as the instructor assistant in the FFF Gym would give you support for the healthier community. I am eager to share my knowledge and experience with others. I want to inspire everyone to be healthy over time.

I pursued the goal of becoming an instructor by visiting Zumba Academy and apply for the Zumba Basic Instructor 2 class in this area. I completed my license and would always practice maintaining my license.

I am very energetic and easy to socialize with others. I have the ability to teach new techniques for the class. To make sure everyone is safe, I have CPR and First Aid certifications. The safety of the members of the class is my top priority, assist them to be in shape come after it.

I am a registered member in ZIN and have already plan to keep up with my training by always practicing Zumba courses such as Aqua, and Zumba for kids.

I am looking forward to discussing the details with you. You can reach me at (888) 888888 or by email at email@domain.com.



Nicole Hathaway



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