5+ Invoice Template Excel Sample


Things You Need to Know about Invoice Template Excel Sample

The advantage of using an excel sample template invoice is very helpful in the calculation process, the drawback is t is not designed to store very large data and complex formulas.

The use of invoices is important for you, which is engaged in the business of products and services. Even if you only run a small and medium business, the use of invoices is still highly recommended. Especially if your business has grown to a bigger scale. Making an invoice is not difficult, because you can now make it yourself with tools from Microsoft, namely Microsoft Excel.

What is excel sample template invoice?

An invoice is a form that lists bills for cooperation, or work that has been carried out. In short, the invoice is a bill or a sign of payment. Usually, invoices are in the form of documents, which explain things to be paid. The contents of the invoice, in general, are about the identity, then the details and explanation of the work that has been undertaken, and how much the nominal.

What is the excel sample template invoice function?

Why do you need an invoice for your business activities? The answer is actually to benefit both parties, whether you or your customers. An invoice will help you keep track of income and find out what work has been completed. By using invoices, it will be easier for you to audit later. Without an invoice, you might not have definite documents about the track of work that has been done. Invoice is also very useful for all types of complaints related to payments, as valid proof.

For your customers, invoices will be very useful to provide explanations regarding payment. It can also be used as part of the accountability report for a project being carried out.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Excel sample template invoices?

For those of you who intend to make an excel sample template invoice, here are some things you should consider


No need to bother using many tools.

Helps directly to do calculations

It can be used custom, as needed.


It will be difficult to connect data in Excel with other data because its use is not as a data sheet.

Usually can’t be used to optimize data in very large amounts.

For those who are not accustomed to, using excel sample template invoicet will take some time to master it. Because indeed the formulas and that are in Excel will be complicated for those who are not familiar.

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