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Carpenter Resume Template and How to Make It

Becoming a professional carpenter is a good idea, especially for those who want to continue their career. However, to be a professional carpenter, a candidate needs to follow the recruitment process. That is why knowing the carpenter resume template is needed.

You need to know that during the recruitment process, a candidate needs to prepare some requirements, especially a resume. The resume will be the first read document by the recruiter to value whether a candidate is suitable for a certain position or not.

Here, we will talk to you about the professional carpenter resume and how to make it. For those who are curious about it, please read the following writings below.

Sample of Carpenter Resume

Here, we have a simple sample of a professional resume for a carpenter. This sample could be a certain reference for you. By seeing this sample, of course, you could know what to be written inside it.

See the whole sample below.

Sherwood Morgan

New York, NY | (123) 191-0017 | morgan.sherwood@email.com

Personal Summary

Personable and conscientious carpenter skilled in all areas of residential, industrial woodworking, and commercial. Having scaffolding and OSHA 30 certification. Become the lead carpenter for the A&B Contractors. Having five years of experience in the different fields of woodworking.

That is all about a sample of the professional resume that you may read. You could follow the arrangement of a sample to write your best resume in facing the recruitment process.

Working Experience

Glad Construction, Carpenter and Finish Joiner

July 2019 – current

  • Installed the different structures and fixtures as it is needed, such as doors, windows, framing, siding, molding, and trimming
  • Provided the different assistance to the lead carpenter and the other teams to handle kinds of responsibilities if it is needed
  • Determined the needs of the materials for the different projects
  • Estimated the whole costs for the production with the different stuff
  • Prioritize the tasks to reduce the delays problems of the work
  • Interpreted the blueprints and job specification to get the best result for every project
  • Effectively use the power tools, hand tools, and other tools as it is needed

The Blue Ocean Construction, Journeyman Carpenter

May 2015 – June 2019

  • Assisted the supervisor of the construction
  • Help the lead carpenter to interpret the whole blueprints of the project
  • Interpret the whole structural design, project planning, installation, and project layout
  • Effective with curtain wall, steel framing, and others
  • Researched and maintained the compliance based on the regulations


State University of Staten Island, NY

Graduated 2014


  • Framing and drilling
  • Sanding, general woodworking, and sawing
  • General maintenance and repairs
  • Retouching and refinishing
  • Cabinet making
  • Furniture building
  • Attention to detail

How to Make Carpenter Resume

Since a resume is an important paper during the recruitment process, you need to know how to make a good resume. To ease you in writing a professional resume, here we have some steps that you may follow.

The steps in writing a good resume are:

What are the top skills that a carpenter candidate needs to have?

There are some skills that a carpenter candidate needs to have and could be added to a resume, such as:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Physical strength
  • Math skills
  • Manual dexterity
  • Detailed oriented
  • Business skills
  • Self-employed carpenter
  • High concentration
  • High creativity

What are mistakes to avoid in writing a professional carpenter’s resume?

In writing a professional resume, there are some mistakes to be avoided. The mistakes to avoid in writing a professional resume are:

  • Lack of specifics
  • Typos and grammatical errors
  • A bad summary
  • Inconsistency
  • No action verb
  • A too-long resume

Is it important to think about a resume design?

Well, considering design in writing a resume is quite essential. The design will influence the appearance of the resume. By choosing the right design, of course, you will have an interesting resume. A resume with the right design also will increase readability.

Kinds of Carpenter Resume Template

To ease you in writing a professional carpenter resume, you may use a template. Well, a template is a real helper since it shows a clear arrangement of a professional resume. Of course, by using a template, you will know the detailed point to be written inside a resume.

Here, we have some templates that could be your reference. The templates are:

Carpenter Assistant Resume Template

When you want to start your career as a carpenter, becoming an assistant is a good option to be chosen. Here, we have a good template that you may follow. This template is simple by certain arranging. You may follow it as your consideration.

Finishing Carpenter Resume Template

For those who have finishing skills, here a template that could be your consideration. This template is very interesting to be applied. You just need to follow the detailed arrangement to highlight your capabilities and skills.

Creative Carpenter Resume Template

This template is very interesting, especially to make a modern resume with an interesting design. Since design is important to increase the readability of a resume, here this template will ease you to write your professional paper.

New Entry Carpenter Resume Template

For a fresher that wants to join the new management as a carpenter, here a template that you may use. This template is made for a fresher to write their professional document. Of course, by using this template, making a professional carpenter resume will be easier.

Experienced Carpenter Resume Template

For the experienced candidate, getting a new job will be easier. However, you need to write a professional resume to highlight your capabilities and skills. This template is made for you. By following the template, you could highlight your experience wholly!

That is all about the resume for a carpenter candidate. Find and choose the best carpenter resume template to ease you in writing it. Besides, do not forget to proofread the whole document before printing to avoid some mistakes.



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