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Teacher Resume Template to make it awesome for reading

As an educator, you probably need to know about the key to success. Therefore, to ensure your quality, you need to arrange a teacher resume template. This idea is important because it will ensure your quality to teach the students in the school without any difficulties.

Moreover, you should not worry if you never created this teacher resume template idea because you can review the example of the resume. This idea can be related to your occupation and the best resume usually will reflect the latest trend in your resume for your field to get this job position.

Sample of a teacher resume template

To facilitate your writing of this resume template, you can read the following sample. The sample is simple and also editable so that it will help you very much.

Marco Silva

Personal Info

Phone : (888)-999-0097

Email: Silva231@gmail.com


Teacher with 5 years of experience teaching 7-10 years old in a classroom setting of up to 20 students. Recognized for capability developing and implementing activities that will improve student’s learning and behavioral skills: as well as confidence and self-reliance.

Professional experience

Elementary School Teacher

The Green Elementary School, Colorado Spring, CO 2018- present

  • Delivered creative and interactive activities to an average of 15 students between 7 – 10 years old
  • Establish literacy and arithmetic competence in students
  • Implemented multiple musical and art-related activities to improve the students’ creative skills

Elementary School Teacher

The Golden Age Elementary school, Carbondale, CO/ 2016 -2018

  • An implemented program that allowed program that allowed students to act out characters from story time activities
  • Established numerous activities to teach the students and independent learning
  • Taught classes with engaging learning activities to 15 students between 7-9 years of age


B.A Early Childhood Education

Colorado University, CO/ 2010-2014

Key skills 

  • Child Development Associate
  • Guitar/ Piano
  • Problem-solving
  • Team leadership


Teacher of the Month

August 2019/ Green Elementary School

How to write a teacher resume template

When you want to arrange a teacher resume template document, you can follow some ideas below without any difficulties.

  • Tailor each resume to the job especially when you are applying for several different positions in the different teaching environment
  • Consider the format because there are some different formats that will be suitable for your needs
  • Use example because it will help you to get an idea of what information to include and how to highlight your most relevant experience
  • Proofread and edit and you need to ensure thoroughly edit the resume

People Also Asks

What looks good on a teacher resume?

There are some tips that will help you to make this teacher resume template design impressive to read. Here are some of the tips to follow:

1) You need to quantify as much as possible your teacher resume with more numbers

2) Emphasize the certifications and awards

3) Ensure your skills section into a specific area

4) Only list the recent jobs

5) Show that you are a teacher and use the action verbs

6) Keep it short

How do I write a resume for teaching with no experience?

If you have no experience in teaching, you also need to know some ideas to make your template impressive to read. You can follow some ideas below to make it great.

1) Expand on teaching skills, responsibilities, and achievement

2) Highlight related volunteer experience if you have it

3) Do not forget to showcase your education and credentials

4) Apply education terminology and job title keywords

5) Do not use pronouns, start with action words/ verbs, incorporate white space to break up sections

Kinds of a teacher resume template

You need to know that this teacher resume template format designs some types that should be understood. Understanding the types will make your template getting better to read. Therefore, you have to pay attention to each type to make it awesome.

Teacher Resume Template with no Work experience 

You should not worry if you have no experience writing this resume. You only need to follow some tips to make it great. This template will be better if you can develop a teacher’s resume in a commonly used word processing program. Of course, you need to omit any parts that are not included in your experience.

Teacher Resume Template MS Word 

The resume is commonly designed specifically with educators in mind. In other words, it is loaded with education-related with their capabilities. In this idea, MS Word will help you to edit and write the resume easily. Therefore, you will get a satisfactory resume without any difficulties.

Preschool Teacher Resume Template

Since you write this resume for preschool, you need to include any certain skills that will make you get the proper candidate for teaching preschool. The key skills in this template will make the recipient understanding the capabilities very well that you are the proper candidate to select.

Teacher Resume Template and Example 

The example will help you to make this template easily understood. You can edit and customize the example suitable to your need without any difficulties. This idea will help you to make a simple template without any difficulties.

Teacher Assistant resume template 

Different from a teacher resume, you need to recognize your position as an assistant. In this resume, you have to show your quality as an assistant in teaching. If you have no experience in this template, you can include the awards or certifications that you have to impress the recipient about your qualities.

Elementary teacher resume template

The template is similar to the preschool. Moreover, this template needs to show the certain grade you have taught. You also can include years of experience to manage the classroom. Interdisciplinary studies are needed in this resume to convince thee, readers, as well.

With those ideas, the teacher resume template will be impressive if you do understand education. You do not worry either you have experience or have no experience; you can arrange the template suitable to the need without any difficulties. You only need to make the resume getting detail to amaze the recipient to read.

Teacher Resume Template Sample

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