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Teacher Resume Example to Pass Recruitment Process

Becoming a teacher is a lofty dream since a person with this position will spread new knowledge to help students get a better future. However, the school management will do some recruitment processes to make sure that the selected teacher can handle the target and has capabilities as it is needed. Since a resume becomes a part of that process, knowing the teacher’s resume example is needed.

Well, a resume will be the first document read by the recruiter or the school management. This document will be a consideration of whether the candidate of the teacher could fill the expectations or not. Besides, for a candidate, a resume is very essential since it becomes a medium to spread their value and other information.

Here, we will talk about the professional teacher resume and some information around it that you need to know. For those who are curious about it, please take a seat and read the following writing below.

Sample of Teacher Resume

As we have said before, seeing a sample of the resume for a teacher can be a helper when you want to write this document. A sample can be a source of inspiration and a consideration to know what to be written inside a resume.

Here, we have a simple sample of the professional resume for a teacher to be listed.

Sofia Bella

Chicago, IL | (555) 811-8611 | sofia.bella@email.com


Nurturing and devoted teacher with 5+ years of experience, especially in early childhood development. Focused on leading quality plan lessons and kinds of activities that promote the growth of an individual, positive learning experience, and active imagination. Handle some organizations that relate to childhood development.


The State University of Chicago, US

Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies

2009 – 2013


Green Valley Elementary, Kindergarten Teacher

June 2019 – current

  • Implemented the age-appropriate writing, reading, and math curriculum by using the application of innovative and creative learning methods
  • Incorporated dance, song, and kinds of movements inside the lessons to increase focus and the development of cognitive
  • Instituted behavior management strategies
  • Decreasing the adverse interaction between the students
  • Conducted the meeting between parents and teachers to address kinds of specific needs, especially for the individual children
  • Recommended kinds of strategies for improve the social and educational experience to the parents
  • Revitalized the institution’s blog and social media

Yellow Kid Start, Preschool Teacher

June 2015 – May 2019

  • Observed and documented the behavior of students and their performance weekly
  • Built relationship with the parents and guardians to create a better communication
  • Cultivated the detailed nurturing conducive to increase the health value
  • Organized and lead state-approved
  • Renewed the educational curriculum and activities


  • Early childhood education
  • Proficient in American and English sign language
  • Time management
  • High creativity
  • Multitasker

How to Make a Teacher Resume?

To make a professional teacher resume, you may follow some steps. Following the steps will ease you since you could know what to be done next in writing it.

Some steps to help you write a good resume are:

  • Find the formal format of the teacher resume
  • Insert the detailed contact information
  • Write the career objective or summary
  • Include key skills
  • Write about the work history or experience
  • Include the details of education

People also ask

What are common skills that the teacher should have?

There are some common skills that a teacher needs to have. Of course, the common skills also will be the consideration by the recruiter whether the candidate will be recruited or not. Some common skills that a teacher need to have are:

  • Teaching
  • Typing
  • Special education
  • Organizational skills
  • Microsoft Office
  • Data entry
  • Customer service

What are the tips to make a good teacher resume?

To make a good teacher resume, there are some tips that you should know, as:

  • Use a formal format of a professional resume
  • Be selective in wording option and writing style
  • Be concise and avoid using any ambiguous words
  • Create a clear resume with a chronological arrangement

What are the duties and responsibilities of a teacher?

A teacher will face some duties and responsibilities. Those matters can be a consideration whether you want to be a new teacher or not.

Some duties and responsibilities to be known about a teacher are:

  • To plan and prepare the whole assigned courses and lecturer
  • To conduct the assigned class based on the schedule
  • To demonstrate the detailed competence inside the classroom instruction
  • To implement the designated curriculum
  • To plan and implement effective management for the classroom

Kinds of Teacher Resume Template

Finding a good teacher resume example can be a true helper, especially for those who want to write a professional resume. Here, we have several templates of the resume that also can be a guide when you want to make it. Using a template is also useful since it shows the detailed arrangement of the information inside a resume.

Simple Teacher Resume Template

This simple template of a teacher resume is a very versatile sample to be applied. It is not only simple but also clear. By using this template, you could easily know what to be written inside a resume and how to arrange the whole information inside it.

Yoga Teacher Resume Template

Do you want to be a new yoga teacher? Well, this template can be a guide for you to face the recruitment process. By using this template, you could start to build a better personal value, so there will be higher attention of the recruiter you will get.

Experienced Teacher Resume Template

An experienced teacher will be easier to get a new job as he or she wants. However, they still need to make a good resume for showing their greatest capabilities. This template is a simple guide to ease you write a professional resume, so you could pass the recruitment process easily.

No Experience Teacher Resume Template

For those who have no experience, writing a professional resume is always challenging. However, this template can be applied as a guide to arranging the detailed information. By using this template, it will be easier to highlight some information to increase your value.

Well, that is all about the resume for teacher to be known. Just consider the teacher resume example and make your best resume to pass the recruitment process.

Teacher Resume Example Sample


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